Choosing Pathfinder Iconics to Save Worlds

The worlds are ending, shriveling up and dying like leaves in autumn, succumbing to some unknowable Doom. Perhaps this is just the natural way of things.

You have been chosen by a seed, a place/force/entity, that exists outside of time and space, floating like pollen through the planes. The seed will grow as you bring back pieces of doomed worlds. Right now it can provide about a small hunting cottage’s worth of space but it will grow with you. It will feed you along the way.

You can only take 3 from the list below with you to this safe haven between worlds. You and your party will traverse the worlds, saving whatever you can from the doom and slowly building something new.

Who do you bring with you (and why)?
NOTE: Correct answers will be due to your choices looking cool, your choice’s imagined skills blending well, your choice’s imagined back-stories blending well, your choice’s Pathfinder class balance being in sync, your choice’s published backstory complimenting each other, etc.

Hakon the Skald

Quinn the Investigator

Jirelle the Swashbuckler

Imrijka the Inquisitor

Feya the Witch

Reiko the Ninja

Ooloch the Warpriest

Balazar the Summoner

Enora the Arcanist

Crowe the Bloodrager

Lirianne the Gunslinger

Hayato the Samurai

Damiel the Alchemist

Alain the Cavalier

Alahara the Oracle

Seltyiel the Fighter/Wizard

Lini the Druid

Amiri the Barbarian

Sajan the Monk

Lem the Bard

Seelah the Paladin

Harsk the Ranger

Ezren the Wizard

Kyra the Cleric

Merisiel the Rogue

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Wayne Reynold’s web site 

The Raven Queen vs. Vecna

This is a world where two ideas of death are at war. The Raven Queen is a young, ambitious goddess who has recently taken up winter and fate into her portfolio, to compliment death. Her black winged angels take souls to their final rest without mercy but are known for allowing a ghost one more soft breeze through the hair of a loved one or a final look back at the mortal world before venturing to Her Winter Kingdom.

Vecna sees death as his personal vault of secrets and lore. He plunders the dead for arcane knowledge and perverts cycles of life and death to make his undead minions and hordes of lifeless bodies to march for his army’s glory. His cult is made up of one-eyed mages who thirst for secrets and power.

Their war would do terrible harm to a world.

Unnatural Events Table

  1. An unnaturally long or cold winter takes hold of the world.
  2. Corpses whisper secrets when you whisper secrets to them.
  3. Anyone near-death can see the paths of fate that their life might take should they survive.
  4. Wizards who take out their own eye gain a level and powerful Necromantic spells in their spellbooks.
  5. Statues of angels’ wings turn to onyx and gain strange powers.
  6. Cemeteries become cold and covered in ice and snow.
  7. Fortune telling becomes painfully accurate and fortune tellers are Raven-bound to be truthful.
  8. Flocks of ravens announce there whereabouts of undead beasts.


Raven Queen’s Forces

  1. Holy Knight(s) of the Order of the Raven Queen’s Consorts (1d4)
  2. Undead hunting team (Van Helsing style)
  3. Pilgrims, visiting the great necropoli of the world
  4. Murder of Ravens doing something ravens don’t normally do
  5. Holy winter nuns of the Raven Queen, taking a body to its final rest miles away
  6. Raven Queen’s faithful peasant spear-folk



 Vecna’s Forces

  1. Death Knight and entourage
  2. Zombies (2d10)
  3. One-eyed wizard cultists (1d6)
  4. One-handed Ghouls
  5. Demi-Lich general and entourage being brought to Vecna (roll 2 more times on table for entourage)
  6. Ogre Zombie Lord and peasant levies


Wild Cards

  1. Kaz, here to mess with his ancient rival
  2. Githyanki ambassadors, here to treat with Vecna and arrange a marriage between the Lich Queen and the Lich-god
  3. Orcus cultists, here to sew discord and weaken both sides
  4. Gnolls eating the dead of a recent battle
  5. Orc mercenary company that eats their own dead.
  6. Priests of a dead god, hoping to get their deity brought back.


They are looking for:

  1. A local necropolis
  2. A battlefield with many dead bodies
  3. A gate to the Quietlands
  4. A recently dead dragon
  5. A key fortress/bridge/crossroads/mountain pass
  6. You


What is E6 and why is it grabbing my attention right now?

I ran several games of D&D 3.0 and one longish campaign but my comfort and the game fizzled at around 8th or 9th level. I found it hard to come up with challenging encounters and the sweet spot seemed like 1st through 6th levels to me. Apparently, some folks not only agree they took it a step farther and made a game out of it.

I’m late to this party and with a new edition of D&D coming out as I write this, it seems like a silly time to get interested in a hack of the edition that isn’t old enough to be old school but far enough back that there is an edition between this new hotness and it. That said, I’m smitten by this thing.


E6 Thread on ENworld

Ryan’s E6 wiki

E6’s Inspiration: Gandalf was only a Fifth Level Magic-User! by Bill Seligman, The Dragon Magazine #5, March 1977 .txt

Andy’s E6 thread on SG

P6 Codex (P=Pathfinder)

P6 Codex Abridged

Gnorman’s Compendium

E6 Handbook at the MinMax Boards

E6/P6 Thread at the Min/Max Boards

Stack Exchange: Rulebook Suggestions for an E6 campaign

Stack Exchange E6 tag



I’m thinking about house rules. If a character wants a Feat that isn’t on their class list, they have to find a tutor to teach it to them. Is that just too tedious?

I’m considering zones for distances, getting away from the maps, grids and miniatures. Maybe with an athletics check to move zones in the midst of combat if it is contested.

I’m worried about the combat-y feats getting in the way of being creative during combat. My introduction to this came from a G+ thread about how the player felt that his options in combat were limited and that there were mechanical disadvantages to doing anything creative in combat without the proper feat to aid you.

Why is this grabbing me right now with Whitehack, LotFP and other easier to manage options on my shelf and a new edition of D&D coming? I have no idea.

I have this odd urge to grab Arcana Unearthed and make it more alien with more Vance-inspired science fantasy and more splashes of Dune and play the hell out of it.


If anyone cares to share play experiences I’d love to hear about them.

Reading, Planning, Creating: Holy shit, Summer’s practically half over and it is Friday

Reading: I’m reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and at 3/4’s of the way through it is interesting. It is a second world, just-turned-modern Quasi-Russia with folks who do magic that is called the Small Science. The characters are intriguing and the world building is solid. I’ll finish it this weekend and write up a review.

It captures that dark Russian sense of humor in the face of terrible events pretty well.

Planning: Tonight I’ll be on This Imaginary Life. Our only question so far is about how to deal with a failed roll that threatens to grind the game to a halt. If you have other questions, post them to my on twitter, my e-mail, in the comments below or in the G+ thread I’ll start soon.

Creating: I’m writing up notes for some games-a-coming. I’ve been away from the gaming table for a few months now but I’m gearing up for an Urban Shadows game with visiting friends and a Burning Wheel game with some folks over Hang-outs.

It has me looking over the 7 Kings Mountains again, which is good fun.

And you?

July RPG Blog Carnival: Githyanki Invasion 6d6

The Lich-Queen’s forces are coming to your world. Roll 6d6 and get the session started.

Inspired by the July RPG Blog Carnival

Why are they invading?

  1. Illithid Infestation
  2. Githzerai Haven
  3. Red Dragon Cabal
  4. Key crossroads World in greater planar campaign
  5. The Lich-Queen has taken offense to one of your deities
  6. Someone stole a Silver Sword and won’t return it

Githyanki Random Encounters

  1. Red Dragon Air Cav Wing
  2. Warlock Summoning Platoon
  3. Warlock Skirmish Squad
  4. Silver Sword Battalion
  5. Illithid Hunting Posse
  6. Psionic Urban Unit

 The above Githyanki are looking for a:

  1. Gate to their home
  2. Illithid or Githzarai
  3. You
  4. A place to allow red dragon steeds to graze
  5. An escaped prisoner
  6. Stolen red dragon eggs

Something from Githyanki culture that is catching on

  1. Psionics
  2. Board game (like chess but with no kings, only a single Lich-Queen who eats pieces from both sides if they travel too far)
  3. Disdain for religion
  4. Hatred of Illithid
  5. Bigotry against Githzarai
  6. Gith poetry

Something from your world that is catching on with the Githyanki

  1. A goddess
  2. A type of music
  3. A drink
  4. A drug
  5. Food
  6. A battle tactic

They’ve brought some kind of fungal infestation with them from another world that causes:

  1. Trees to spread their roots through the lower planes and become a gate to hell.
  2. Vines to choke animals to death, gain the hit points of the beasts it kills, becoming stronger and stronger until burned to the root.
  3. Vegetables glow different color based on the alignment of those nearby.
  4. Ponds to become scrying pools that show the nearest Illithid or Githyanki
  5. A usually edible vegetable to cause a character to make a save or else hallucinate for 1d6 hours, also causing you to re-roll your hit points or one stat (GM’s’ choice) depending on how you reacted to the hallucination.
  6. Causing all trees to become Treants.


Urban Shadows over New York

I’m playing Urban Shadows with a group of friends who all met in Ithaca, N.Y. and this is the pitch I sent:

New York City’s supernatural throne has been usurped and the marching orders have been sent all over the east coast by cold, unflinching messengers. The state’s supernatural powers are meeting in Ithaca to discuss the new status quo and what you all plan to do about it.

I’ll keep NYC’s new order vague and let it be defined by the characters you all create. Maybe you all are pro-new order and want to help hunt down the remaining pieces of the ancient Dutch vampires who held the city in their undead grip for centuries or maybe it is time the upstate powers stopped paying homage to the five boroughs.

Already, odd ideas about the demons stuck in Syracuse (aka the Salt City), the significance of the white deer herd on the Army property north of Ithaca and the supernatural webs throughout the five boroughs are taking shape in my head.

New York seal

Orcus vs. Doresain: wonderful art and more random encounter charts

I love it when big inter-planar powers tussle, be it the Raven Queen vs. Vecna, the Githyanki Empire vs. the Illithid Hiveminds or Orcus vs. Doresain.

I was reminded of this war when I ran across these wonderful pics on this wonderful Tumblr, Manual de Mostros:


Orcus, Príncipe demoníaco de los no-muertos

Makes me want to run a game in a war-torn world and roll some random encounters.

Lovely work, Viktor Banaks!

Ghoul Encounter

1-2 Feral Ghoul Pack

3-6 Soldiers

7-8 Ghoul-infected Locals

9-11 Blood Knights

12 Elite Ghouls


Gnoll Encounter

1-2 Gnoll youths torturing prey

3-6 Gnoll Warpack

7-8 Gnoll scouts

9-11 Murderlords

12 High Priest with Murder Altar


What are they doing?

1-2 Hunting specific prey

3-6 Occupying a strong position (Bridge, Keep, Hill, Cemetery)

7-8 Securing a planar gate

9-11 Moving to ambush the enemy

12 Looking for you!