Gaming Related: Finite Campaign Structure

I was at Autumn Leaves doing some writing and Robert “7th Sea GM” Ahrens stopped by. We sipped hot beverages and talked gaming. This is always fun, usually ending with Robert walking off saying something like, “I could sit here and talk gaming all day but I have some things I really need to do.”

As a regular Game Moderator…Game Master…Dungeon Master…Storyteller…Seneschal or whatever I find that I tend to start games and never finish them. Perhaps the problem isn’t in the ending but in how I begin these games. Perhaps future games need to have a limit. “We’re only playing four sessions of this and then it is over.”

This would not only put a cap on it but would light a fire under the players to get them motivated to really get moving to find closure with their plot. If the game is too much fun to end, we can add another four part story on but at the end of that, plots should be closed up.

That way games finish, the stories can rest and these characters (and their players) can stop haunting me.

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