Paula’s Blood-Simple PC

Paula’s Sorcerer: Blood Simple chargen effort.

If you are not a hardened geek, don’t bother opening this LJ-cut. I don’t use ’em often. If you really want to read two geeks make a character, click and enjoy. We were debating between a trophy wife whose husband as some secrets and a hoodlum on their way up the criminal food-chain.

Paula: Are you on?
Judd: yeah, we just made Rob’s character.
Paula: It occurs to me that the wife would have an in with the cop.
Paula: Though I guess the hoodlum might know him too, in a different way.
Judd: right
Judd: I’m not worried about party unity.
Paula: So which do you think?
Judd: It is up to you. Are you leaning one way or the other?
Paula: I have more ideas for the wife, and I think it’s more multifaceted. The husband could have been an innocent victim, or you could have him be involved in any manner of fuckery. She might start out looking for revenge and wind up finding out her husband was into a whole lotta shit. She herself may need to engage in fuckery to make it without her husband.
Judd: rock on, like in Traffic
Judd: shall we make a PC?
Paula: Yeah, exactly, except more naive than Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character… though she might end up that way. Maybe she was a trophy wife with a nice manicure who never worked a day in her life until… and then she goes through his stuff, finds some funky shit, and now has a mission.
Judd: sounds solid
Judd: who would her demon be?
Paula: Maybe she tried to bind her husband but he was already bound by someone else, otherwise that’s too easy, right?
Judd: well, he’s dead, that’s probably going to be part of the kicker
Judd: so, we need something else
Judd: someone else
Paula: Who or what might she find when she goes through his stuff? Or maybe she was from the bad side of town and made her way up into good society, but knew someone who knew EVERYTHING who died recently. Or something, help me out here.
Judd: maybe her butler or driver is a Hell-side scumbag
Judd: maybe her little brother or older sister still lives on the Hell-side and she sends ’em money.
Judd: maybe she had a dangerous psychopath she did on the side
Paula: Maybe her husband had a bodyguard from Hell-side who was also killed?
Judd: okay, but your demon is going to be someone who is alive
Judd: they’re living people in this setting, not dead, demons are just people from the wrong side of the tracks
Judd: so, I’m thinking about your Demon here
Paula: I didn’t realize that. I was still thinking of Marr’d I guess. So how does the system work if the Demon is a living person?
Judd: you summon ’em by makign phone calls or putting a whisper in the right ear
Judd: they are people
Judd: example….let’s say someone made Tony Soprano as a PC….assuming he isn’t a Demon himself…
Judd: so, the various members of his crew are his Demons and as he brings more in, he binds them to him
Judd: has he lost his humanity?
Judd: probably
Judd: when you lose your humanity in this setting you can take a new PC with your former PC, now a Demon themselves as their Demon
Judd: make sense?
Paula: Yes. What works better: her father, who still lives Hell-side but from whom she has had to distance herself since she married Mr. Nice Guy? Or an ex-boyfriend? Or her best girlfriend from childhood, now a whore Hell-side?
Judd: ex-boyfriend is interesting….best girlfriend works too
Paula: I don’t want her to have been cheating on her husband. She’s basically a nice girl with a core of steel.
Judd: Awesome.
Paula: So best girlfriend who runs a whorehouse or ex-boyfriend, who is now probably a player in the criminal element?
Judd: I like ex-boyfiriend criminal….but its up to you.
Paula: That’s fine. Maybe he’s a Christopher Moltisanti type
Judd: Very nice.
Paula: Or Christafah, if you’re Adriana
Judd: We can determine is Desire and his Need later.
Judd: Shall we stat her up?
Paula: Sure.
Judd: Stamina + Will + Lore = 10
Paula: Lore is what exactly again?
Judd: in this setting, Lore is streetwise
Paula: Will 5, Lore 3, Stamina 2?
Judd: sounds good
Judd: do you have the list of descriptors?
Judd: if not, I could paste them into the IM screen
Paula: I have them. I don’t think any of the Will ones describes her. I’d call her “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove.”
Judd: not a Jane Q. Law?
Judd: she hasn’t gone legit?
Paula: You’re right, she is. Which lore one do you think she is?
Judd: Naive enabler?
Paula: Naive enable?
Paula: Yep.
Judd: or ….yeah
Paula: And Foxy Dame for Stamina.
Judd: right, right
Paula: Does a 2 in Stamina mean she’s not that Foxy?
Judd: I was discussing sex applea with Rob, I think you could use any o fthe stats to seduce someone
Judd: it is just that Stamina is where you describe your physical self in its descriptor
Judd: make sense?
Paula: Do you think a 2 Stamina is too low?
Judd: I could see the Lore being 2, since she is naive enabler
Paula: But she used to live Hell-side, so she knows something about it. Maybe reverse the two? Or make them both 3 and Will 4?
Judd: ok
Paula: OK for 3/3/4?
Judd: done and done
Judd: ok
Judd: Cover?
Judd: for example Rob bit off of The Wire and took Colored Murder Police as his cover.
Paula: Trophy wife of legit businessman?
Judd: Trophy Wife works for me.
Judd: okay, now Price, allow me to list ’em
Paula: Anything else we have to do?
Paula: OK
Judd: *Prices listed*

Judd: oh, mind if I post this on-line?
Paula: Still in Denial
Paula: Sure.
Judd: I’ll leave your AIM name out of it
Paula: Cool
Judd: cool, Still in Denial
Judd: Telltale?
Paula: How does this work in this setting?
Judd: how can other Sorcerers tell that you deal with folks from the wrong side of the tunnel?
Judd: Rob took a scar from a fight for his
Judd: track marks
Judd: prison tattoos
Paula: None of them apply
Judd: I know, just ideas
Paula: Looks just like her mom, a famous whorehouse madam?
Judd: just a little too much cleavage, dress just a little too short
Judd: right
Judd: we’re on the same wavelength
Judd: looks exactly like her mom, a famous whorehouse madam…that works
Judd: wow, her demon is her mom?
Paula: Maybe she tries to dress proper but she always looks a bit slutty? Or her demon could be her mom.
Judd: a bit slutty works
Judd: list important NPC’s
Judd: her mom
Judd: any siblings?
Judd: her ex-boyfriend
Paula: A brother, dead or alive?
Judd: high society friends?
Judd: in jail?
Paula: Yes, high society friends definitely. Brother in jail is good.
Judd: I’d like a few names and half a dozen words on a few high society friends
Judd: that’d be great
Judd: that’s good
Paula: Mitzy St.James: In charge of the country club
Judd: ha
Judd: Mitzy…such a great name
Judd: nice
Judd: ok
Judd: those names and words need not be now
Judd: just between now and game-day
Judd: but rock
Judd: Starting Demon
Judd: ?
Judd: mom or ex?
Judd: brb, need water
Paula: Which do you think?
Judd: I think I like the idea of having mom bound but summoning the ex if you get into trouble
Paula: Sounds good.
Judd: what would you mom’s need and desire be?
Judd: example Desires: *Desires Listed*
Judd: Needs are more complicated, naturally
Paula: To stay involved with what’s going on Hell-side– Knowledge?
Judd: her needs…knowledge, for a desire, that’ll work
Judd: Mom’s stil on Hell-side, right?
Paula: Yep. Maybe Power too? Or Corruption? I dunno.
Judd: knowledge works
Judd: now the Need
Paula: To keep a hold on her daughter?
Judd: To always have enough info to blackmail those in power?
Paula: Which do you think is better?
Judd: hold on daughter is a little too much
Paula: Is she happy for her daughter?
Judd: blackmail…I feelthat one
Judd: but its your starting demon
Paula: Blackmail is fine.
Judd: I don’t…ok
Paula: I don’t what?
Judd: what’s left…let’s look her over.
Judd: I don’t want to take over too much here.
Judd: is what I was writing
Judd: ok
Judd: do you feel this character’s able-bodied enough?
Judd: do you want to go with the ex-boyfriend demon just to have some combative back-up?
Judd: I’m just worried she won’t be effective enough for you.
Paula: His crew of thugs?
Judd: He’ll have a crew, no doubt.
Paula: Fat Vinny, Guido the Mooch, Little Anthony, those guys.
Judd: right
Judd: How do you feel about her?
Judd: Are you ready to write the Kicker?
Judd: Are you going to be upset that she isn’t kick-ass enough?
Paula: How is she not kick ass? How could she be more kick ass, or equally kick ass to the other PCs? Her kicker should be her finding something in her husband’s effects that shocks the fuck outta her.
Judd: I’m just looking her over and wondering if you don’t want to knock one off her stamina and will, throw ’em on her lore
Judd: giving her 5
Judd: thus having two descriptors
Judd: which she takes as Mastermind and Family Business
Judd: making her less of a victim and more of a mover and shaker
Judd: just an idea
Judd: not trying to re-write your character
Judd: I’m not thinking of the other PC’s, just about you.
Paula: Doesn’t that undo the whole naive bit?
Judd: it does
Paula: I’d like her to turn during the game.
Judd: hm…Naive Enabler and Mastermind?
Judd: I dunno, I’m just worried that its a one-shot and hoping for too much development could leave you with disappointment.
Paula: Family Business and Naive Enabler.
Judd: ok, cool
Judd: so, bump one off of both stamina and will?
Paula: Lore 5, Will 3, Stamina 2?
Judd: Whaddya think?
Paula: Sounds good. I guess it’s like riding a bike, being in The Business.
Judd: cool
Judd: now, a Kicker
Judd: You want to find something out about your husband or find that he’s dead?
Judd: find his body?
Paula: Find his body in such a way that she knows there was fuckery involved.
Judd: awesome….tell me how
Paula: Execution style? Drug overdose?
Judd: do you see the men who did it?
Judd: did they break in and tie you up?
Paula: Could be.
Judd: its yo scene, you tell me
Judd: and it can start just as the break-in happens
Judd: doesn’t have to be an end result
Judd: it can be the door busting down too
Paula: My brain is fried. Let’s go with the door being busted down.
Judd: okeedoke
Paula: Are we all done?
Judd: I’d still like to meet on Wednesday and chat with Blair
Judd: yeah, I think we’re done.
Paula: Sounds fine.


2 thoughts on “Paula’s Blood-Simple PC

  1. hm

    These were an entertaining light read, thanks for sharing. Paula’s style is nicely familiar in her character, with some good twists. (Mom as demon’s a good way to go, too. I enjoyed the fucked up family dynamics that came out of that scenario with our oneshot in this setting.)

    That whorehouse bust kicker (please let that not be a multiple entendre) of Rob’s makes for an easy way to introduce the characters too, if you want to go that route.

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