On the night before 30 and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring but my keyboard and mouse.

Zorro and Janaki were asleep in my bed, a dog’s tail in the place where I would soon lay my head.

My mother on the sleeper-sofa and roommates in their room while I thought of my twenties, my future and doom.

Then atop my head, there arose such a clatter, I ran to the mirror to see what was the matter.

My hair was falling out, the rest turning gray.

To ensure I looked old, like a grown-up, for my birthday.

Its the end of my youth, my twenties departing, now insert some cliche about remaining young at heart, as my adulthood is starting.

2 thoughts on “Thirtyseve

  1. You could just do what I did….

    I decided March wasn’t the best time for my birthday this year and have rescheduled it to early August. You and Janaki are of course invited to the Nina’s 30 (for the past 5 months) party 😉

    Happy birthday, Judd! Here’s to never getting old, no matter how many birthdays they throw at us!

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