30 years old and still awake

I am awake, a little drunk, still in shock at the depth and width and length…all of the fucking dimensions of planning that went into this shindig. They have been planning for ages.

I am in awe at the love, care and planning that went into this. My mother and Janaki are titans.

My father came up from Georgia, drove up in his fire-red Corvette with its flame yellow decals on the side. He’s thin, thinner than he has been in my lifetime and he is going to a dentist to get his teeth fixed. Holy shit! That was the best birthday gift of all, seeing my father healthy…better than even Glamdring.

Yes, I own Glamdring and if any orc come to my apartment, they’d better come heavy.

And I’m looking back over my first thirty years and thinking. I have gotten by on creativity, imagination and luck. Its time to step it up a notch, methinks. I want to take this shell I’ve been lucky enough to be born into and see what it can do. Like that scene in Firefox, where Clint Eastwood’s flying the plane….and the water flies up…like that.

Lord, I should sleep. I’m wiped.

Rob caught the surprise on tape. I can’t wait to take a look at it.

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