Batman Begins

It was the best Batman movie yet. It was solid, not a great film in its own right but solid.

I liked:

Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Gordon, Falcone, and Crane were all perfect.

Ra’s Al Ghul was solid.

Gotham City has never looked better.

Morgan Freeman could read the phone book in a film and I’d watch it.

The costume was fantastic.

I didn’t like:

Bale rasped and over e-moted just a little bit too much as Batman.

Where was Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, Talia?

The Dawson’s Creek girl was pretty useless.

I hope:

That there will be sequels. I’d like to see more.

That I get to be Liam Neeson when I grow up.

4 thoughts on “Batman Begins

  1. Phew. You seem to be the only person I know who mentioned Bale’s “Batman voice.” It was a bit much, and it seemed like I was the only one who noticed it.

    But yeah, solid movie. Crane was GREAT.\

  2. I really dug the voice. I really like Ra’s Al Ghul. I don’t know anything about the character’s history, but I really liked him in the movie. Very, very good villainy. It’s amazing how much better a movie is when the characters have motivations.

    I hope for sequels along these lines, too.

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