Get Your Geek On-a-thon V: The date is set. Februrary 25th from 12 – 8

When: Feburary 25th, noon to 8 o’clock
Where: The Meeting Room above Autumn Leaves behind Odyssey Games
Why: Because it is fun.
What: The Get Your Geek On-a-thon is a quarterly table-top role-playing game event that is meant to induce cross-pollination among different gaming groups, help newcomers to Ithaca find people to game with and allow people to try new games.

Jason reserved the room today. Odyssey Games has kindly paid for the space once again. It is on. Will you be there to join the fun?

I am looking for GM’s, a delicate procedure that involves me nudging my friends who don’t usually GM and putting out e-mails like this to the Ithaca Gaming Community.

Games that are new and easy to access are a plus. Scenarios that handle more people are a plus but I’d rather fewer happy gamers than you pile the table with more than you can handle and still have a good time.

If anyone wants to be a GM, DM, storyteller, or seneschal drop me an e-mail off-list. I would rather games were not out of print, so Odyssey Games, the store that supports this event, could get sales if the gamers who enjoy the game they play might want to order and/or buy it from our friendly local game store.

Preference will be given to new games.

In the e-mail please use the following form:

Name: -your name-
Game: -the system you will use-
Max # of Players: -# if players you can have at the table and still have lots of fun-
Ages: -what ages are appropriate for this game-
Premise: -two to eight sentences that will get gamers excited to play your game-

Once the GM’s are set, I will put out another e-mail with the different games described and links to the forum where you can sign up, with sign up sheets also at Odyssey Games. It will then be up to you to attack these sign-up sheets like a Colonial Viper on a Cylon Raider.

Get your geek on,
Judd Karlman
GYGO-a-thon Coordinator

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