The Lost Prison Game

When I worked at the Dragon’s Hearth as an undergrad, two guys came into the store on a sunny Saturday. They were all hip-hopped out and looked like they were feeling out of place. That store made me proud, proud that I was a part of its team, proud that I other people could hang there and game.

So, I welcomed them and let them know that I’d help them if they needed it.

One of the guys approached the counter after giving the store a walk-through. He took a deep breath. I smiled.

“I wrote a game,” he blurted out.

“Nice, what kind of game?”

He looked sheepish again. “I wrote a game about prison, but its really a game about prison. Y’know? I was in for a while and I wrote one while I was in there. I wrote a game about what it is really like. I don’t think there is anything like it anywhere, a role-playing game about what it is like for real in there.”

“Shit, I’d love to see that game, man.”

He nodded and signaled his buddy and walked out. They never came back.

That was over ten years ago.

And I still want to see that damned game.


9 thoughts on “The Lost Prison Game

  1. Its not a game, but a good book about prison is titled “You are going to prison” and it outlines what its really like for everything from the arrest through execution, and everything in-between. I know the public library owns a copy, Cornell probably does too.

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