Dreamation Exhaustion Thoughts

Online acquaintances becoming gaming buddies, gaming buddies becoming good friends, good friends connecting with other friends. It was just another year at Dreamation.

My characters were Cerebus Prime – Reed Richards in the body of a German Shepherd in With Great Power… with Michael Miller, Haroun – the Sultan’s own Chief Librarian for A Thousand and One Nights and Officer Chaim Suzuki – United Planets Conflict Referee.

I understand Shock:; for some reason the game just clicked with me and it is planted in my noggin now. d4’s and d10’s purchased just for Shock:ing use happened today in the last hours of the Dealer’s Room along with the original home of D&D’s Githyanki, The Fiend Folio.

Jeff and I got some solid interviews. Julie showed up! That was a lovely surprise.

At some point, driving to my mother’s to meet for dinner, the piano of exhaustion fell on my head.

I’m off to nap. Next up I’ll start compiling links and posting up a Dreamation that I’ll update with everyone’s AP threads and such.


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