Friday Night is Made for Gaming

I took a thirty minute or so after-work nap and had a vivid dream. I was in The Toaster and snow began to fall into the open windows. Some kind of snow-slide was pushing the car into a gorge. I jumped out of th ewindow and the snow took my under, pushing me down to the road. I was wearing just what I was wearing when I fell asleep and I assumed that my phone would be in my little side-pocket of my jeans, so that despite being under lots of snow, I could call people for help.

When I woke up my phone was not in my pocket and for some reason that really disturbed me. “My dream-self is going to die under all that snow.”

My roommates were eating dinner in the living room, talking in soft tones while late afternoon turned to twilight. We all got together and sat in the living room, leaving the lights out and talking shit. It was really nice. I like where I live, the people I am surrounded by.

Pete, Aaron and I played Darkpages and it was good fun. It was just so nice to see those guys again; I have really missed them both something terrible and this little three person group is perfect. We played an extremely satisfying first issue of Zeppelin City Team-Up: The Revenant and Sgt. Coopersmith. The final panels were hot-hot-hot.

Honestly, game or no, the three of us could have sat there and talked all night; we nearly did.

We also set the foundation for a Burning Wheel game, thinking that maybe we would alternate between that and Darkpages. Pete mentioned that he was hungry for a long-term BW game and it doesn’t take much to get me and Aaron to jump on the Wheel. Threads on that game’s set up and a further post in the Forge’s Playtest forum for our Darkpages game is-a-coming.

Darkpages is the Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics RPG.

On my way home I stopped by Louie’s Lunch and talked with Ron, leaving as he became more and more swamped by drunk college kids, looking for grease to mix with their liquor.

Tomorrow is work -> D&D -> UFC.

I’m booked to the gills and I’m not sure I would have it any other way. But just in case, I am keeping my phone in my pocket, so I can call for help from under the snow.


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