Can’t sleep through the year’s first frost.

I just can’t sleep, so I got some sweaters out from a crate in the garage.

It was a nice weekend with Janaki. There was some really nice, quality giggling and cuddling. The two weeks time between our visits seems longer and longer.every time lately.

The foliage on the drive back was really stunning. I took some back roads and it added a little bit of time but with Richard K. Morgan’s Thirteen playing on the iPod, and autumn draped over the hills and valleys, I really didn’t much care. I have the book too and might finish it tonight by reading it, rather than listening. There will be a review to come; the book is intense and I find myself having quite a bit to say about it.

The Sci-fi Sorcerer setting is now officially stuck in my noggin. I’ll get to play it in a bit and see how it pans out at the table. The other book I am reading is Old Man’s War; I’ll track down some other science fiction mentioned in last week’s thread about the solar system.

Now to shave my head, write and read.

At some point, I’ll sleep.


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