The Monthly Stash has Arrived

Daredevil #110-111: Daredevil, it has been a great run but you’ve been lingering on the line, on probation ever since Bendis’ fantastic arcs and then Brubaker’s promising run with Matt Murdock, Punisher, Bullseye and Kingpin all in prison together but now it is time to go our separate ways.

The end of the last arc did nothing for me and the Lady Bullseye arc’s first issue was rubbish.

I am done.

Criminal #4-5: This is the best book to come out consistently. Every arc is like a kick-ass crime movie in graphic novel form. I always choose the order of my comics reading very carefully. Criminal is always something I read in the middle, to remind me that comics can be awesome.

Superman #679-680: Robinson is writing the best Superman arc…well, maybe ever. I have never been a Superman comics fan. In the past, they have tried nonsense where Superman, Action Comics and whatever other Super-comics out there have gone together to form a giant, lame narrative.

But now they seem to be letting each creator do their own thing on each title and the results are fantastic. I will review Action Comics later but for now, Superman is going really well.

Krypto the Super-Dog plays a big role in these two issues and I loved it, a surprise to me, having never been a Superman fan.

Ultimate Spider-Man #125-126: Ultimate Spidey feels like it is getting its feet under it again and is back in action as a consistently fun super-hero comic. The return of Ultimate Venom wasn’t great, didn’t cover the comic in glory but it was good wall-crawling fun.

Northlanders #9-10: This was a two-issue arc about a little boy growing up in northern England. More than even the story, I like the format of Northlanders. I love how we are getting these little vignettes about various people from all over the Norse world. Maybe they will inter-connect and maybe they won’t. I am not sure I care either way.

Fantastic Four #559-560: Wow, man. Wow.

Time travel, Galactus, Dr. Doom, Ben Grimm’s love life, Johnny Storm’s rock band, and all drawn by Bryan Hitch. This is a glorious run for the Fantastic Four, a comic book that, to me, should have always been about family drama and epic, mad ideas but never seemed to measure up. Millar’s run is measuring up.

Still in the pile: Action Comics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Runaways…


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