Color Blind

There was a bit on NPR this afternoon on my way back from my failed winter tire buying expedition and a caller came on and talked about how he “doesn’t even see color.”

That phrase drives me nuts. “I don’t even see color.” Bullshit.

I don’t even seen color does not equal I am not racist. It just is not saying the same thing.

The host of the show made a good point about seeing color, but not letting the negative stereotypes of race get in the way of your interactions and my bile drained.

Then Janaki sent me this tonight and everything came full circle:

When I was a kid, my mom did not like me describing people by their race, which I see as different than color blindness. I played soccer with this talented goalie named Erin and he was such a personality, such a cool guy that I never lacked for ways to describe him. I saw his color but when describing him to my mom, it just never came up. She pictured him as a nice Irish kid with red hair for months until she finally met the big black guy that he was.

So, anyway, there it is. My thoughts on race for the day that were running through my head as I ran around, not getting shit done.

Alright, I am off to see how many times I an do five pull-ups, ten push-ups and fifteen squats in twenty minutes. Thank you,


Nothing Finished Today

I woke up at three this morning, scratching a scab on my leg. Couldn’t find my anti-biotic ointment, so I was ready to head out to Wegman’s and pick some more up but I could not find my wallet.

Found my wallet in a part of my jacket that I never use because the pocket is ripped. Swapped jackets to my more serious and more pocket-friendly black winter jacket with Sith-hood.

This thing on my leg was kind of ugly and I was worried it was a staph infection or ringworm. So, I called out of work and made a doctor’s appointment. No ringworm, no staph, just a spider-bite gone wrong. Oh, and get some B12, as my blood-work showed I was on the low end of normal, not an oddity for Celiac’s folk.

Weighed in at 210, a nice weight, also, funny enough, when I wrestled Pete C. last week and got on his back, he grunted, “Feels like you are clockin’ in at about two-ten.” Good call, Pete.

Went to Wegman’s after the doc and got my ointment, called my boss and told her I could come in if needed but she has not called me back. Also got sme B-12 but could not get an answer as to it being gluten-free. Wegman’s said they would call me when they figured it out, something about the vitamins not being listed with the rest of their items.

Winters tires were complicated by my father, the car’s previous owner, having put non-standard wheels and rims on the car, a measurement of wheel that had no winter tires that fit. So, I had to order wheels, due in next week.

Got home, piled some laundry together and shot the shat with Jeff H. in the kitchen about this weekend’s awesome UFC card.

Oy, this day.

I am going to get a work out in and do some laundry, just so I feel like I completed something.

How is your week going?