Jared’s Design Challenge

So, Jared posted his The Indie Game Company Game Design Challenge and I thought it was a joke but others did not. When I asked Jared over IM he replied, “I’ll never tell.”

But people got together and made games together through collaboration.

And then…this.

It is a joke and a contest and a game.

And it is making fun of all of us.

I love it.


24 thoughts on “Jared’s Design Challenge

  1. All while working on this, I kinda expected that upon submission, Jared would say, “Ha ha, suckers!”

    With no big prizes promised for “winning”, honestly, it didn’t really matter to me. If 3 other people were willing to team up with me and do a game, “awesome,” I thought. The idea of having a Thing done in 21 days was appealing. And I met some cool folks in the process. Good enough!

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