State of the Kryos

First posted on the Sons of Kryos forum.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Kryos,

Thanks for your support as we transition to a new medium and get a grip on how this thing works.

We recorded a second episode and Jeff’s editing wizardry could have had it out by now easily but none of us were happy with it. We are taking in our feedback from the first episode and discussing how each of us felt about it. There were some mixed feelings among us to the point where a free-for-all wrestling match (with Storn putting Judd through a table and Jeff hitting Storn and Judd with double flying elbows) had to occur in order to get the first episode put out into the public eye at all.

With good, creative tussles going on in the background, each one of us has had serious real-life obligations going in in the foreground of our lives that have caused February to be a dead month for our show.

We will be back at it in March, tinkering with the video show’s format and doing what we do: talking about gaming.

Thanks for listening, then watching and for now, waiting.

Game on,

Sons of Kryos


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