Best Breakfast Ever

My breakfast was so damned good I have to blog about it.

First I did the usual, grilled up a sausage and an onion in a pan. I cracked open three eggs into a bowl, stirred them up and tossed a fajita marinade into the eggs, mixed it in. Once the onions and sausage look good to you, I tossed in the eggs and stirred it around, making sure none of the eggs over-cook or get burned to the bottom of the pan or any nonsense.

But then is the master stroke.

Once the eggs are done, I tossed in a quite ripe, almost ready to go avocado. Mixed that in with the stovetop off and tossed it on a big ole plate. It was delicious. It was so delicious that I had to actually call Janaki and tell her how delicious it was and that I would make it sans sausage for her on Saturday morning (Saturday morning breakfast has become my thang when we have weekends together).

So good, so simple and I am fueled for the day.


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