I hope folks are looking at this Story Games thread pretty carefully and using it to find an up and coming game that interests them and contact the game designer about getting at some playtesting.

Scott: “Dunedain Rangers (Realm Guard) a hack of Mouse Guard for Gencon. The first draft File is ready for playtest. If you try it please let us know (we need all the feedback we can get).

Charles: “Junkyard Angel: A Sci-Fi hack of Poison’d which is basically Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian meets Firefly. You play the bastard crew of a freighter hunting scalps in an asteroid belt territory while being pursued by the completely corrupt local authority.

Ben Robbins: “microscope — You build a vast history from the outside in. You start knowing only something very simple, a beginning and an end (like “humanity settles the solar system, then falls into civil war”), and then you zoom in and discover all the things that made that big picture happen. It’s basically fractal gaming.

And that is scratching the surface of awesome games being mentioned that are in development. Go nudge someone through a whisper and let them know that someone’s ready to play this mutha.


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