Burning MoBu City

Burning MoBu City

The modern age is upon is and the center of the modern world is MoBu City, a teeming, dense metropolis built on the grief, greed, hatred and faith of ages past.

What MoBu City is NOT:

This is not a place where magic has faded and the great epics are over. This is not a city that wears scars of past magical events in order to illustrate to the players that the greatest arcane feats were in the past. The scars of past magics are created to illustrate that sorcery is dangerous and has left its mark.

The only thing fading is the vassal system and the systems of government rising up to replace it could easily be worse.


Sewerjacks: Burning Warhammer

I’m digging this series of AP posts.

The smoldering misshaped bones of the chaos beast revealed just how deeply Chaos had marked the thing that had been Rutiger. The body had burned with a sickly blue flame after Harald had set it alight, flickering and sputtering in the early dawn consuming the tainted flesh with an unnatural speed and now the twisted blackened bones were all that remained.

‘So we picked up were we left off, with Nuln in peril and only a ragtag bunch of dirty sewerjacks to do anything about it. The above scene played out as we were searching for clues in the aftermath of our previous night’s battle. After finding the locket and the marks of Chaos we headed back to the Sewerwatch Headquarters, to report in to Captain Oswin Delfholt.

Colin threw in some nice Warhammer details for the Sewerwatch Headquarters the main one being the huge circular sewer entrance with a set of stairs spiraling down the gaping hole and a gigantic iron shod wooden manhole cover with a huge barred locks for closing the lid on the sewers tight.

The report was met with the typical WHFRP attitude of ‘well that’s done, the girl’s rescued, let’s willfully look the other way and ignore the Chaos cult and any nonsense about them destroying the city.’ We were given our few meager coins (enough to either get drunk or get a room for the night) and told to go on our way. I pressed the issue of the one Chaos beast who got away, and we were given an order to find that last one and finish it tonight.’

West Coast Friday

Reading: Ah reading on vacation, just me, a couch, a book and some pooches. I tore through Gentlemen of the Road by Michael Chabon but then I figured I’d like a book whose running title was Jews with Swords. Gentlemen made me pine for the 13 Cities.

Just finished Vance’s Dragon Masters and am digging into another novella included in the same book, The Last Castle. It is really nifty stuff. I love Vance’s isolated societies twisted into really odd shapes.

Planning: Enjoying the last bit of vacation.

Wearing: Sweatpants and my Crossfit Ithaca t-shirt.

Writing: I didn’t bring the EeePC, Babycakes, so nothing got written this week.

And you?

Just about Friday already

Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week. Janaki and I are heading out west for our vacation. I cannot wait.

Reading: Finally started Desolation Road. I will likely dig into it during the travels this weekend.

Planning: Laundry and packing.

Wearing: My favorite pair of maroon sweatpants.

Writing: Yeah, wrote some on a game setting that is not cooked yet but I want to play it anyway.

And you?