Under the Sea

I’m eying the Threat from the Sea Omnibus but the description isn’t moving me.

Are there any other undersea fantasy novels?

I can’t particularly think of any and re-reading the Scar has me yearning for a book about cities built around geo-thermal vents and ancient, newly sunk Atlanteans trying to adapt to a hostile, alien underwater world.

But really, is this something I want to read or something I want to write?

Things in an underwater fantasy world:

City built on a geo-thermal vent, with strange creatures who depend on the vent for power and life, maybe worshiping it.

Recently fallen Atlantis – kept alive underwater through magic, refusing to go back to the surface world that betrayed them and put their beloved marvel of a city under the ocean.

A gentle leviathan with worshipers who travel with it and have built their lives on and around the creature, perhaps with some people within it who were fed to it as holy sacrifices.

It could be that this is something I want to read more than something I want to write.