The Clusternomicon

The data known as the Clusternomicon is a myth, like Earth, like the Lost Generation Ships and aliens and so many other bits of folk lore that come out of the void.

Here we will gather what we can, using Chapter 2. Clusters, page 13-30 of Diaspora and share what we know of the universe. Please share what you know about the clusters in your ship’s navigational computers, so that we might make the void a little less cold.

Data found here.

I decided on 3 systems in the cluster but other than that, I rolled up the stats for each system randomly. It is really fun. I have only read that much of the book so far.

Great moments from tonight’s BW Fantasy Noir game

Thread over at BW

I just want answers,” Rifkin said over and over again, trying to convince his former friends that he wasn’t going to go on a revenge-fueled kill-crazy rampage.

The city itself is a splendid thing and its growing in neat ways. A Great Wolf gang leader named Dog. An orc landlord named Blood-Collector (short for He Who Collects Blood to Hold his Land) and a brothel on the nice side of town owned by a Demi-Goddess. We’ve got feuding wizards, crooked city watch lieutenants and former thieves turned fences. In a great homage to MoBu City’s main inspiration, Mieville’s Bas Lag books, Pete referred to the Great Spiders as Weavers. Nice.

Y’know, Rif, wizards steal shit too. Did you know that? Yeah, only they do research and call it adventuring. What a fucking racket!