When I woke up it was Friday and I was disoriented

Reading: I’m still plodding through Ghengis Khan and the making of the modern world but I constantly forget it hither and yon. Also re-reading the retro sci-fi noir graphic novel, Terminal City, which is just splendid, will post a review once I’m done.

At about 70-odd pages into Diaspora and still really enjoying it.  I’m just coming up on the sub-systems or mini-games that deal with specific types of conflicts and I cannot wait.  There is a sense of waiting for a cozy time on the couch without worries so I can dig on in.

Always the hum of school-school-school.

Planning: Seeing my lady-friend as long as snow storms do not deny me passage.  Also, returning to MoBu City tomorrow.

Wearing: Still the gray t-shirt and jeans from yesterday.  Ugh.  I need to go home and change.

Creating: Got some solid work done on some things this week and I’m flirting with some papers that will need sold foundational work this weekend so they can be written early in the coming week.

Inspired by Diaspora‘s Economy system, I broke through a block on a FATE hack and I am excited enough that I now really want to playtest it.  I might have to do that.

And you?

12 thoughts on “When I woke up it was Friday and I was disoriented

  1. Reading: The Neverending Story by Ende, and the Anabasis by Xenophon. Also reading Poem Strip by Dino Buzzati – a very surreal and hypnotic graphic novel from the ’60s. Fascinating stuff.
    Planning: Probably a quiet weekend home taking care of my wife and daughter who are both sick with the crud I had last week. I’ll do some reading and art stuff regardless.
    Wearing: Outdoor casual, same as always
    Creating: Making it a point to sketch daily – mostly stuff around the house, coupled with little introspective journal entries. I’ll probably finish up the bookbinding project I’ve been working on – my first cord-bound, cased book.

  2. At about 70-odd pages into Diaspora and still really enjoying it. I’m just coming up on the sub-systems or mini-games that deal with specific types of conflicts and I cannot wait. There is a sense of waiting for a cozy time on the couch without worries so I can dig on in.

    OK…I really need to order this, price be damned. It’s likely the next game we’re playing, and I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it.

    • I’m barely through it but I’m enjoying what I have read thus far.

      So far the only missteps that I have read have been some lay-out hiccups and the total lack of a bibliography. They need to acknowledge somewhere how much they pillaged from Burning Empires.

      Pillaging is fine, just name yer sources, y’know?

      Also, a bibliography and a mediagraphy would be nice, just because.

      • I haven’t read BE, although it does sound like the two are structurally similar, for sure.

        Pity about the lack of a bibli/mediography. Maybe they could put someting up on the website.

      • The mini-games feel a whole lot like Firefight, at least the procedural map-making and zones does.

        The Economy system feels like a FATE-ified Resource systems out of BW and BE. I’ve just been digging into the use of Resources rolls in my latest BW game and I think they have done a good job using money to bring out cool game-able stuff.

  3. Reading: The Steel Remains, or at least I will be when my replacement kindle arrives today Geist in the meantime.

    Planning: What do do for the weekend if the plague descends on our household. The wife is sick, and I am vastly wimpier than her on this front.

    Wearing: New shirt. Very comfy, but the whole “Visible stitching” thing is a fashion choice that makes me wonder if I have it on inside out.

    Creating: My next game

    -Rob D.

  4. Reading: The Ant Men of Tibet and Other Stories Just finished Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates.

    Planning: Quiet weekend with the wife and kids.

    Wearing: Khaki colored jeans and a short-sleeved, green plaid shirt.

    Creating: Screenplay for a Greg Bear novel (on spec).

  5. Reading: Just started Single and Single by John Le Carré. The first paragraph grabbed me, but I’m having a tough time getting excited about the second chapter. We’ll see.

    Planning: Prospectus this afternoon, cocktail party this evening, Madtown Throwdown tomorrow night.

    Wearing: Jeans and a plaid shirt with a collar. Got to look my best, you know.

    Creating: Elegant mutagenic procedures for E. coli that probably won’t work. Sigh.

  6. Reading: Finished rereading Ripples from Carcosa for Call of Cthulhu and started Damnation View for CthulhuTech.

    Planning: Making phone calls on Monday to cross things off the short to-do list the lawyer we’re likely going with to help with my father’s estate gave me. (Y’all have Wills, Living Wills, and Health Proxies, right?)

    Wearing: Conspiracy t-shirt (for a local convention from some years back), black pants.

    Creating: My zine for Alarums & Excursions, wrapping up freshman year in the Strange School PBEM and gathering plot threads for sophomore year. Trying to figure out what I’d be up for gming for pick up gaming at irregular intervals. Maybe polishing a spreadsheet of my Contacts in case my Sidekick goes down again. (Technically, I don’t have them back, but a couple of friends emailed me contacts, so I’ve got 80-90% of them.)

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