Woke up and I was late for Friday

My body was going to give me a square 8 hours sleep no matter what last night.  This meant that I had to do some running around and did not get any morning errands done and I dropped my Blackberry under a parked bus (but all’s well with it).

Reading: I am less than a hundred pages until the end of my first Ian M. Banks Culture novel, Use of Weapons and it is splendid but I just want to carve out enough time to sit down and finish it in one go.   I am finishing up Diaspora and then, after that, Tunnels & Trolls will be my next game-related reading.

Planning: Some Halloween gaming (mayhaps some Shotgun Diaries) and writing a short paper while hanging out with the special ladyfriend.

Wearing: Jeans a v-neck gray t-shirt.

Writing: This week, nothing got done.

And you?