A game I am itching to play.

I am really digging on Bliss Stage and have been for quite a while.  Kids fending off an alien post-apocalyptic invasion of giant aliens with robots made from love is too awesome not to play.  The game also boasts the finest back blurb I have ever read:

Right now, right this moment, right as you read these words, humanity is struck down by an alien force from beyond the limits of our understanding.
It is the first blow of a terrible war.
Seven years later, armed with a technology you cannot understand and can barely operate, you will strike back.
This is how.

Now I have to look over my gaming nights and figure out which group I can get on board.

I’d love to hear some comments about either Bliss Stage play and/or games that you are itching to play that are on your shelf.

Bliss Stage Fan site

Recent AP at the Forge

And the Bliss Stage main site


3 thoughts on “A game I am itching to play.

  1. Bliss Stage is a game I bought fully knowing I’d never get to play it but hoping that one day I’ll be wrong, cause it hits me square in the solar plexus of what I want out of mecha/teenage-angst-bullshit gaming.

  2. Hey Judd,

    This link will take you to the section of my blog with my Bliss Stage AP. I apologize in advance for the dumb formatting characters sprinkled throughout. From time to time I weed those out of some of my old blog posts.

    Hopefully they will be helpful.

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