Just Outside the City, compiled AP threads

This is an easy to follow list of threads for our Apocalypse World campaign.  I am updating  it so that I can read the threads over and get caught back up once we get back together at the end of January, beginning of February.

Game 1, In and Out of Pole

“You’ve just gotten out of the city and you are dragged a big-ass haul behind you, like, dragged behind the car with chains.  What did you get out of the city?”

Some ideas are thrown out there.

J.J. speaks up.  “Maybe its a person.”

“Its a fucking person.  Yes.  Chained up in a trailer. Someone dangerous.  Who is it?”

“The local warlord’s daughter?  Maybe a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing?”

“Yeah, she went off and hitched up with a rival, Dog head and her dad, the Warlord of Pole is pissed.  Her dad is Millions.”

And off we went.

Front Creation 1, Crafting Fronts

I got home and got excited.  My buddy, Witt, was in town and we sat up and talked about gaming and life and shit.  I started asking questions about New York City, about where our game taking place just outside The City, could be set.  He mentioned Duchess County and we were off and running.

Maps, links, bookmarking shit, reading wikipedia and so on.  I’m thinking of printing out a Revolutionary War era map and marking it up with a sharpie.

The Hudson River has some fun toys.  West Point.  The Indian Point Nuclear Plant.  Spook Rock.  Crazy tides with brackish water.

Game 2, Explosions on Bear

On a piece of paper I wrote the following words:

Unfinished Business

And asked questions, handing out one off the list to each of them.

Turns out Bullit has a rival, one of Saffron’s customers named Toyota.  He drives a rusted out Toyota truck that he piles his nine kids into the bed, giving them weapons.

Baby’s lover is one of Saffron’s girls, Newton.  Newton wants her to buy out her contract so she can leave Bear and travel around with Baby’s gang on the back of her bike.

Marsh has unfinished business, having been mugged last time he was in town by a guy who had pretended to be his buddy and gotten drinks with him.

Dent had a friend, another faceless named Stomp, with a mask made from car-seat leather and tremendous boots that give him his name.

And the whole game drove on from those four bits, those questions the players answered.

Game 3, Myths Busted, Hardholds Taken

The proceedings went around in circles for a while and then the Kipsie said something about no one having to bow down to him.  I tell everyone that he is fucking lying.

Baby fucking shoots him.  Seize by Force.

The king is dead, hail to the queen.

Front Creation 2, Cannibal Country, the Garden

Thanks for the medical cannibalism info, Jason and thanks again for the custom moves!

Great stuff.

Game 4, From West Point to Kip-Town

Spent the first bit of the game filling out info on their holds.  Both have manufactories (West Point makes lumber, Kip-town – cows).  We sped up time a month and just let them ease into things.  I didn’t make any hard moves, lots of vague future badnesses and some apocalyptica vomitting but honestly, nothing heavy.

It was the two hardholders, Bullet at West Point and Baby at Kip-town and Dent, the Faceless, roaming between the two, hammer in hand.  Dent has become an unmitigated bad-ass.  Or as JJ said so aptly, “Take moves from other character types…why would I?  I have so many awesome choices with the Faceless…as soon as I get enough XP together, I will be able to TALK to my mask and ask it advice.”

Letters to the Characters, thinking up new fronts

We took a few weeks off, some folks longer than others.  Seemed like a good time for this kinda thing.

Thoughts and comments on the letter-moves is appreciated.  Making moves is something I am still getting used to.

Game 5, Rabid Bikers and a Violent Wedding

Rubbin is growing up so damned fast, 15 year old girls are like that and since she had been adopted by Bullet, she’s kinda blossomed.  The Driver, turns out, is a decent dad and since he took over West Point she eats well and is learning from Fitty the art of the gun and learning some driving from Mr. Bullet.

Game 6, The Anti-Squid-Eater Progrom:

But these cannibals…

Yeah, everyone wants peace…sure.  But who is going to have the moxy to ask for it now that Dent had his hammer and mask fueled tantrum?  Shit, even Gams is scared to get her shit, not sure how she is going to be received.

Game 7, The Chain of Command vs. the Food Chain:

Everything is primed.  The Hudson River Valley Compact is planning to destroy the cannibal’s incoming shipment from “out west” where they get lots of raw goods and materials, hoping that this will starve them out come winter.  It’ll be a while, with the holidays messing up the next few weeks but once that is past us, war is coming.

Game 8,  Post-Apocalyptic Errands, Chores and House-keeping:

Meanwhile, down south, Saffron chose some bits from her 10+ role for her custom-welcome-back-move.  For her role at 10+, she got:

– musicians in her joint, bringing in extra barter

– an affair with the leader of the local West Point lumberjacks (he reminds her of her late bouncer, killed in the first session, Shmee)

– and a gaggle of new girls from Bumfuck, Nowhere who want to work




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