A cold, crisp, sun-on-the-snow kind of Friday

Reading: I am plowing through Cowboy Angels and really digging it.  I’m a sucker for liberal special ops soldiers who are war-weary, deadly and in over their heads.  This novel is tapping into that Richard K. Morgan-like vein and into some alternate history veins to boot.  Fun.

Planning: Getting school stuff together for my last push and UFC 126.

Writing/Creating:  I am getting my fitness stuff together, then I am going to get writing.

How about you?


3 thoughts on “A cold, crisp, sun-on-the-snow kind of Friday

  1. Reading: “The Great Equations” by Robert Crease, which is (more or less) about the history of math. Surprisingly gripping. “Cowboy Angels” sounds good. I may have to track that down next.

    Planning: An epic road trip in April. (Looks like I may hit Ithaca Thursday the 14th…)

    Writing: Making figures for the boss’s grant application.

  2. Reading: Between books right now. At some point I need to sit down with the Linux for Dummies book and play around with scripting.

    Planning: Brunch today, housewarming at friend’s tomorrow. A metric fuckton of bagua low stance training before Monday comes through. Going on a music collecting frenzy.

    Writing: Trying to figure out which half baked game I will push through and finish.

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