The Friday that Would Not End

Reading: Finished True Grit last night and really enjoyed it.  I think it is going to be one of those novels that I go back and re-read every few years.  Now I am deliberating, do I read Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror the whole way through or give Barclay’s Dawnthief: Chronicles of the Raven a go?  Dawnthief looks so bad that I hope it’ll come out the other side and be good.

Read a bunch of comics this week but Avengers Academy was a real stand-out issue.  There  was a scene with Taskmaster that was downright touching.  I’ll blog about it when I have a moment.

Planning: Gaming and resume tweaking this weekend.  Also, sorting through crap to figure out clothes/stuff I need to get rid of.

Writing/Creating: Cover letters and a sequel to my Bridge-knight and Troll story.  I wrote a story based on Zak’s picture and a second part/chapter/thing is forming in my mind.

And you?


8 thoughts on “The Friday that Would Not End

  1. R: That Bridge-knight Troll story! I hope to reread it this weekend so I can get another picture back.

    P: Cleaning the house. Kids are like wards against cleanliness.

    W/C: That second picture for you! I want this feedback cycle to live up to the word epic. Some 4e monster stuff.

    • Zak, I’m thrilled that you’re working on a second picture. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      Good luck with the cleaning and the 4e monster stuff. I dig the Winter Exile Ogre. Why can’t I see the pic when I am on the blog post but I can see it on the RSS feed?


  2. Reading: Peter and Max, by Bill Willingham. Not a graphic novel, but an illustrated novel set in the Fables world. Also, the manuscript for Miskatonic River Press.

    Planning: Dealing with lawyers for parents’ estate details. Dealing with other people, ditto. Physical therapy for minor back problems. Dropping off laundry. Dentist. Pinging nice folks from Intercon K to a) give feedback on larps and b) see how they use a larp tool called Vellum. Writing up more about Intercon, especially the emotionally intense Stars Over Atlantis.

    Writing / Creating: Blog comments today. Will do comments on manuscript, and hopefully write ups and comments on Intercon K, maybe planning about what larps to run for Intercon L.

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