Dungeon World: Grundloch’s Surprise

Got together with Aaron and Anthony and ran the Bloodstone Idol.  Making characters took twenty minutes or so and we were off to the races.  I read the pdf but skimmed the book when it arrived.  Now that I’ve tried to run it, I need to go back and re-read the thing.  All in all, a fun night of gaming.

The session started out in front of the giant brass doors to the Hall Under the Hill.  They could hear fighting going on inside, loud screaming, war cries, etc.  They tolled Spout Lore and found another entrance, this one below the nearby cliffs, under the ocean.  I really like dungeons with different entrances maybe because they tend to be the ones that aren’t linear but are ecologies of warring factions and odd monsters.

Allaric the Jackal messed up his rolls to get down the cliff and ended up in an owlbear nest, with a bunch of fluffy, cute owlbear cubs.

So cute!  Then the owlbear mother showed up.

A failed Discern Realities had Allaric playing dead, and every self respecting ranger from here to the barrows knows that this only enrages the owlbear mother.  She mauled him for most of this hit points.

His elven friend, Elohiir, took to swinging on his rope, trying to get her attention and get her off of him.  He rolled a 7-9, bringing down the nest and everyone in it into the water, where they were all swept under the water, which was also the Lair of the Gaurrax.

“Its a giant salt-water alligator, the Gaurrax.”

“The alligator has a name?”



Elohiir pushed Alaric towards daylight, where he came up for air in the Scrying Pool, at the foot of the Bloodstone Idol, an ancient statue dedicated to ancient powers of Law.  The statue itself was faceless, with odd arms sticking out at odd angles, holding tools – a sword, a candle, scales, some arms were broken.  Elohiir looked into the pool, trying to see his friend under the water, whispering his name.  He activated the Scrying Pool.

He failed the roll, I think, so he contacted the nearby demon, stuck in the Broken Temple.  The demon asked him to break his seal and if so, he’d give him the tomb lotus that Alaric craved for his poisons.

Meanwhile, Elohiir, the noble, fair elf was in between an irate owlbear mother and a giant salt water ‘gator called The Gaurrax.  He tried to turn them against one another and got mauled for his trouble, bitten, clawed and all-around drowned.  Last Breath got him a deal with death, which manifested as a tri-faced being with the faces of Grundloch, the owlbear and the Gaurrax.

“We need more evil at the moment; our balances are off kilter.”

“So, if I am to come back I have to be evil?”


“Can I change back?”


“I’ll do it.”

Meanwhile, Alaric is sneaking into a quiet corner, hoping to bandage his seemingly dead friend when Grundloch the wizard comes into the room, sensing the blood collecting in the Scrying Pool.  He sees the thief, dragging his friend after a failed roll.

“Judd, would he be surprised if I tried to stab him?”

“Anthony, we have 1 hit point between us.  What are you doing?”

“Check this out, Aaron.  Judd, surprised?”

“As bedraggled as you look, covered in salt water and owl bear blood… sure, I think Grundloch would be surprised.”

*rolls the dice* 5.  “Shit!”

Grundloch struck the thief with his staff, killing him.  When he failed his Last Breath move, even the demon couldn’t make a deal.

“Sorry, man, your time here is up.  I can’t get in the way of that.”

Elohiir decided to serve the wizard, until he has a moment when he thinks he could kill him.  “Even better if I can do it while he’s sleeping and helpless, giving me the 1 more XP I need to level up.”

And that was our first foray into Dungeon World.

Next week, when we continue, the players will make a party sent by Grundloch, including the now evil death-touched elf.


4 thoughts on “Dungeon World: Grundloch’s Surprise

  1. “We need more evil at the moment; our balances are off kilter.”

    “So, if I am to come back I have to be evil?”


    “Can I change back?”


    “I’ll do it.”


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