Dungeon World XP

There are a bunch of threads on SG about ways to change Dungeon World’s XP system, so I thought I’d toss an idea or two out there.

I’d keep the XP for alignment and for relationships going up and down.  I dig that.

I’d re-work the Bonds questions, so that they bring the party together and show ways to interact that yield XP.


________ has magic in them that they have not yet tapped into; I will show it to them.

  • Gain XP when that character succeeds and you helped them.

________ will learn under my arcane tutelage.

  • Gain XP when this character takes your advice.

_________ will teach me how to _________.

  • Gain XP when your take this character’s advice.
XP flows when characters interact, give advice, take advice and defend one another.  These questions are a little flat but I think there’s something there worth effing with.
I’d also have XP bits in the dungeon.  The DM puts some XP into different things when crafting the dungeon, with careful, careful wording in the text so that the DM is not at all interested in how the players interact with their delightful fantasy toys strewn onto the map, as long as they do.
  • 1 XP interacting with the oil pit trap in a creative way.
  • 1 XP for somehow dealing with the trapped devil in a way that doesn’t just leave it for someone else to cope with.
  • 1 XP for having possession of the dragon’s favorite treasure while the creature still lives, becoming its target.
So, dungeons have little parcels of XP here and there should the players poke at it enough, encouraging the players to futz around.
Comments, criticism and your own ideas concerning DW are welcome.
Another thought is that each dungeon playbook comes with a series of sentences with blanks where the players insert their names and that is how they get their XP for that dungeon.
I swear by my name, _________, Grundloch will not kill any of my friends again.
  • Gain XP in this dungeon by protecting your friends

4 thoughts on “Dungeon World XP

  1. What type of frequently would you be expecting this style of advancement from bonds to generate? Slower than highlighted stats, but faster than alignment?

    The dungeon triggers are problematic in a couple respects. In one way they violate the GM prep philosophy. And, the reliance on careful/clever wording could result in confusion and debate about application. I am not sure how I feel about XP being doled out by the GM in this manner, since everything else relies on player action. It could feel rather arbitrary from a player perspective.

  2. I was just thinking that there should be custom bond sets that you’d print on stickers and just apply over the listed ones. I’ve been working on my own alternate bond lists. Some very similar to yours here, actually!

  3. Dungeon triggers could definitely clash with rules on GM prep during the first session. After that, however, you could tie them in to fronts. You could just write custom moves that give XP when aspects of the fronts are triggered or dealt with.

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