Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Thoughts on a Power Pack Intro (Issue #1)

Daniel and I were musing on G+ about a play-by-post MHR game with Power Pack, one of Daniel’s fav comics. I was thinking about not putting them directly into an Event but making the first issues of their comic book its own thing, letting the group breath before tossing them into the deep end of Marvel continuity. This could be done with any 4 heroes, especially with the tradition of odd Fantastic Four teams.

The Pitch:

Thanksgiving meal at the Power household and a hologram message of Reed Richards arrives to each of the Power Pack kids: “If you are getting this, it is because we are far away, so very far that we might not come back before this era ends and I am asking you to take over, to be the new Fantastic Four. Wearing the ‘4’ has always been about family, science and exploration. Please accept my invitation to look over the Baxter Building and continue these traditions.”

In the first issue, the Snarks arrive to beg an absent Reed Richards for help, Galactus has come to their homeworld.


  • She-Hulk’s legal counsel
  • T’Challa/Henry Pym/Tony Stark/Bill Foster/Adam Cho’s scientific expertise
  • Cool Trophy Room Toys
  • An understanding of one of Reed’s Experiments
  • A place in Johnny’s rock band
  • A place on the Illuminati
  • A clue as to the Fantastic Four’s whereabouts (that way the return of the FF is firmly in the players’ control and of course each clue leads to an adventure and once they have 4, they can go rescue the FF and bring them back)
  • A place at the head of one of Sue’s non-profit organizations

Next Issue: Milestones and ideas on Alternative Fantastic Four replacements


Githyanki Therapy: Signs of Past Apocalypses

What is Githyanki Therapy?

This is the act of posting a mad and beautiful idea on the internet, bonus points for posting it in such a way so that others can participate and/or post their own mad and beautiful ideas.

Githyanki Therapy is usually something I do after I have taken part in some kind of stupid-ass internet argument…

But not this time! I have been saving the drama for my mama.

Yesterday I tweeted: “I think any good D&D world has weathered a few apocalypses.” 

So in the comments or in your own blog posts linked back to this one, let’s show sign-posts of a world’s end, of climactic, often arcane relics and ruins that show the layers and epochs of a fantasy world.

Ruined Witchtowers – Once the proud towers of Tiefling witchlords, when they ruled the world at the head of devil armies led by warlock-generals now they are ruins whose broken parapets touch the clouds while their under-layers reach into the hells. Some say the towers were destroyed during a skirmish of the Blood Wars, other scholars say a sect of Bahamutish Paladins who send their greatest warriors into the hells laid siege to the towers with small elite holy teams.

Arkton – a small town built in the shadow of a cyclopean ship, nowhere near the sea. Scholars who study the ship say the greater part of it is buried in the ground and that its crash landing from the star-sea ended the Reign of Dragons.

The Hand – In the middle of a desert is The Hand, a festering hand cut off at the wrist, the size of the Tiamat Cathedral’s five grand doors. It is often covered in flies or cultures who peck at it. Those who can deal with the unholy smell and watch it have said the fingers and palm flex from time to time, as if only recently chopped off from whatever deity’s limb it came from.


Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: How to create your own Milestones.

I’ve been writing milestones lately and thought I’d share some thoughts on making your own.

I am really interested to read AP threads where people cash out their 10XP options on the milestones that came with the character and seeing what players write as their next milestones, see where the table is taking the Marvel Universe.

From this thread:

1XP Make it something flavorful, something the player can do a few times to get XP that will say something about the character and add to the overall vibe of the table.

This can be something as fast and easy as quip or remark or topic of conversation.

3XP Make it something that contradicts the overall milestone, something that encourages the hero to do something counter to the milestone. Sometimes noble heroes have a moral lapse or the funny hero takes something very seriously.

Or you can make this 3XP marker about the mechanics of the Power Set, using a power to create an asset for a purpose that is linked to the milestone or using a Specialty in a specific manner.

10XP This is the big choice that closes out the milestone and changes the character in some subtle way. In comics, this is the mark a writer leaves on a hero at the end of the arc, how a hero is slightly different when the trade paperback is over. Make both of the choices meaningful and interesting.

Always make milestones an action, something the player can do. Don’t make milestones other characters’ reactions to the character. If a player is stuck and not sure what to do next, they should be able to look down at their milestones and it should inspire them. Every action they make doesn’t need to be an XP generator but if a milestone is dormant for a session or two, it is time to scratch that milestone off and pick one that is meaningful.

Hope that helps.


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