Dungeon World in Hell

Why did a powerful guild, temple, church or council go to the trouble and expense to teleport you into Hell? What goals do they hope you will accomplish?

You were a high level, powerful (in)famous character before being sent to hell and the arcane transition stripped you of your levels.  Name a title or deed that you accomplished.

Where did they mean to send you? Because the drop into hell (surprise, surprise) did not go as planned.

by Dave Sutherland

A rough map of the Nine Hells snagged from this lovely site and we’re ready to roll:


And I’d make a list of hellish encounters: suffering sinners, Blood War mercenaries, hell hounds looking for escapees, etc.



2 thoughts on “Dungeon World in Hell

  1. Great! This is itching for some custom settlement rules. Other questions “Which single item of yours (magical or otherwise) survived the arcane transition?” (just to give them a slight edge vs the infinite hordes of devils!) “Which of the Lords of the 9 did you piss off the most in your rise to fame/infamy?”

    • That is what is missing, Paul. Yes!

      You have been enemies of 0ne of the 9 since you thwarted their efforts when they were attempting to _____________.


      You became allies/a servant/a summoner of one of the 9 when you were attempting to __________________.

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