Module Specific Death Moves

I posted this to Google+ but feel like it got lost in the mix, so here it is on my blog:

The Death moves are making me consider Front/Campaign death moves for different dungeons:

When you die during the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Your soul is captured by the ship. Once a dozen such souls are taken, it will begin producing androids, teach them to crew the ship and attempt to free itself from the mountain.

Until then, you are stuck in the mainframe unless the players find a way to re-insert your soul back into another body.

When you perish attacking the Queen of the Demon-Web Pits your soul is caught in a soul-gem in Lloth’s web. If the players find it, you could be resurrected.

When you die trying to destroy the Slave Lords you approach the Black Gates and angels are waiting for you at the entrance to the Dead Lands. Roll as per the Black Gates move. On a hit, the angels send you back into battle, thanking you for your service and letting you know that your wings will be waiting for you when you return.

On a 7-9, the angels will demand something specific, asking you do be somehow more pious in your life than you were so that your soul is more ready to do Law and Good’s work.

On a miss, the angels take you beyond the Black Gates, saying that you are not worthy of the glory that will come with scourging the slave lords from the face of Greyhawk.

When you perish in the Tomb of Horrors, you roll as per the Black Gates move. On a hit you evade Acererak’s grasp and return, knowing that a fell power squats in the Tomb, waiting for the adventurers.

On a 7-9, your ghosts evades Acererak’s pull and you are able to warn your fellow adventurers about the peril of one trap.

On a miss, Acererak devours your soul and you are never seen again.


4 thoughts on “Module Specific Death Moves

  1. I have not played the old Tomb of Horrors, Slave Lords, and Queen of the Demon Web Pits since I was in High School many, many years ago. Ah, nostalgia! Good times back then. I wish I had a group to play with now to enjoy those old classics.

  2. Cool!
    This is very much like what I’m doing with my setting. I didn’t want a unified cosmology, pantheon or otherworld, so different things can happen to your soul depending on the circumstances and location of your death.

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