Urban Shadows over New York

I’m playing Urban Shadows with a group of friends who all met in Ithaca, N.Y. and this is the pitch I sent:

New York City’s supernatural throne has been usurped and the marching orders have been sent all over the east coast by cold, unflinching messengers. The state’s supernatural powers are meeting in Ithaca to discuss the new status quo and what you all plan to do about it.

I’ll keep NYC’s new order vague and let it be defined by the characters you all create. Maybe you all are pro-new order and want to help hunt down the remaining pieces of the ancient Dutch vampires who held the city in their undead grip for centuries or maybe it is time the upstate powers stopped paying homage to the five boroughs.

Already, odd ideas about the demons stuck in Syracuse (aka the Salt City), the significance of the white deer herd on the Army property north of Ithaca and the supernatural webs throughout the five boroughs are taking shape in my head.

New York seal


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