2 Amazing Quotes from Office Hours 52

Office Hours is Adam Keobel’s call-in show (go record your own question here!) and in this past episode he really hit his stride. Below is the episode and the quotes I tweeted this weekend while watching the show but wanted to put them together in a blog post because for some reason, that feels more permanent or something. *shrug*

bottoms from the top
“A good GM bottoms from the top. Look it up…unless you’re 12, then please…don’t.”
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rev irrev quote
“A good player walks the line between treating the game with reverence and irreverence as is appropriate for the game, table and situation.”
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One thought on “2 Amazing Quotes from Office Hours 52

  1. That makes so much sense.

    Also, after we’d been Blues dancing for some time, Josh told me that the GM is the follower, not the lead, and that I was good at doing that when I GMed.

    In all cases, one thing that’s true is that both sides need to be having fun. And, even today, there are still too many people on both sides of the screen who feel that, if it’s a game with the GM, the GM’s responsible for everything, and the players are there to be entertained by the GM.

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