Champions Now: Return of Ms. Satan!

Champions Now intrigues me because we played Champions with 4th edition back in thte day. I remember the Perez cover well. Earlier edition supplements were still around but I wasn’t system savvy enough to parse through the different editions and figure out a difference.

Champions was my first hard glimmer at gaming as a skill because using that system to its fullest as a player was a skill I didn’t have. We had a few people in the group who loved to make up characters. After making a failed super-soldier from the first World War I decided that from now on I’d just describe what I wanted and have a buddy with the chargen skills do the accounting.

I was hoping to have my character idea, Ms. Satan, ready before the kickstarter ended but I’m not sure I’ll have that ready as my notes are coming together but not there yet.

Thinking just a touch meta – I picture Ms. Satan has a pulp hero whose rights were never attained by any of the big publishers. She’s an open source  super hero.

Ms. Satan was a 1950’s librarian who dabbled in the occult. Now she’s an older woman with a rageful demon inside her as she watches her colleagues go corporate. When she turns she becomes a hulking monster with a flaming skull. In my head she inhabits a place between Jessica Jones, She-Hulk (not Byrne’s 4th wall breaking era) and Ghost Rider with maybe a touch of the Demon.

Ms Satan Triangle

I’m figuring out the points for an occult library that allows her to know more about her enemies and some strength and such to smash things. I’ll post more about Ms. Satan once I have Champions accounting done.


The Wobbegong Crew: The Dunvil Rover Job

In which we meet Clave who gets out of Ironhook in time to do his first job with the crew just in time to put on Ironhook overalls on and pretend to be convicts in order to break in to a Leviathan Ship with a secret science-cult in its depths.

Dunvil Rover tweet

The Gang

Jason and Sean were back with us playing Maud and Charming, the gang’s Whisper and Cutter. Mad Jay joined us with Clave “The Wrench” Davaa, the crew’s new Leech. Clave was on the engineering team that did upkeep on the Imperial Army’s first War Hulls back in the war but was put into Ironhook after lashing out against his C.O.

The Unity War, specifically being involved in the battle at Barghast Bay is the magnetic force that brings the group together.

There was this nice player moment where Mad Jay had Clave say something cool and Jason’s Charming said, “I missed you, mate.”

It gave Clave context in the group and was a welcoming move and creative decision.

The Job with text

I was having trouble finding a grip  on the game and getting things moving and had one vague idea for a job. I spent more effort describing the folder the job’s intel was in than the job itself because let’s face it, the job was vague.

The Hive offered info on a science-cult on a Leviathan ship, the Dunvil Rover, that was their largest client in human trafficking. Nothing to steal, no one to kill, just info to do with as you will on a former client who might lash out now that their line on fresh humans is dried up.

There was a moment when I realized this might be just too damned vague and let them know that if this job wasn’t juicy enough, they could always take some turf.

Wobbegong Turf

In the end, they took the job that ended with a Leviathan ship on fire in the harbor – The Usual Suspects-style. The Heat on this job was astronomical – the worst ecological disaster in Duskwall history.

Duskwall again

An NPC named Cricket really came to life, so much so that Sean might play him for a while while Maude takes jail-time to deal with the crew’s Heat.