Hopefully, the last of the Blood-Simple IMing

The IM time we’ve taken for this game has gotten ludicrous, a few hours a night for the past 3 nights. But its the price I pay for getting a game together with the players in different states.

Do not click here unless you want to read a long and tedious chat session about the up-and-coming Blood-Simple ’05 session.


Paula’s Blood-Simple PC

Paula’s Sorcerer: Blood Simple chargen effort.

If you are not a hardened geek, don’t bother opening this LJ-cut. I don’t use ’em often. If you really want to read two geeks make a character, click and enjoy. We were debating between a trophy wife whose husband as some secrets and a hoodlum on their way up the criminal food-chain.

Here’s 7 more pages of IM chargen, if you are really interested.