Sons of Kryos: #47 and a Hatchling

I haven’t been posting the links to the Sons of Kryos shows but here’s episode 47, with special guest, Jim DelRosso, talking about lunchtime gaming and a whole bunch of post-Gen Con thoughts.

And here’s our first go at a new mini-show in the Other Recordings Section called Hatchling Thoughts. This one is Jeff’s but I’m gearing up to record one about Githyanki, comics and such in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think of it.

The concept is that it is on our Other Recordings RSS feed and its 10 minutes on something geeky but not quite fitting in with the Actual Play vibe of the Sons of Kryos bi-weekly show.

Comments and opinions welcome.

Hell yeah.

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Game Events:

The orcs’ plans against the dragon is coming to a head as the Dwarven hosts surround the mountain. Should be a brutal session next week.

The Sunday group has concocted a super-hero campaign that we’re gearing up to play. The game is about teenage supers and their mentor/advocates who teach them to use their powers while still staying in their community. The premise of the game is: “Why haven’t our parents changed the world?”

And tonight Jeff H. is running our Burning Faith campaign, with the two knights dealing with politics and steel in the city.


How’s about you? What’s been cookin’ on your gaming table?

Burning Faith

We played the second session of a pick-up game of Burning Wheel that started with Bob and Jeff H., a few roommates at the new joint. I wanted to burn up a knight with Faith, and I went the route that took me through the Priest lifepath and headed into being a Chaplain. Bob burned up a Holy Lady Knight. We decided that our faith was a Lady of Justice goddess.

Tonight, my knight fought a judicial duel while Bob’s lady-knight bodyguarded the peasant whose honor I was defending. I won the duel but failed to use my faith to zap my brother, the Bishop who allows nobles to buy pardons in order to fill the temple’s coffers. Bob got tooled by an assassin and stepped back, letting the hired knife kill the peasant.

At least he died innocent, proven so by a holy duel.

I called on the Lady of Justice to smite my brother, the Bishop with the holiest of lightning so that he would be taken to heaven and shown his folly in allowing the pardoners to accept money for the pardoning of sins. The Faith roll was a failure. And when I had a scene with my brother next, he was full of forgiveness and wisdom.

Jeff H. ran the NPC to the hilt. His world is full of hazy morality, with no puppy-stomping evil but lots of people at odds because of tough situations. It was some great GMing.

Cool stuff. I feel like I turned a corner with scripted combat and the strategy behind it.

It was a good week for Burning Wheel.

Other aspects of my life could’ve been better but the Wheel was solid.

Next week will be better.

Last Week’s Gaming Moments

Burning Skype: Hateful, Hateful Orcs

    Jim’s Orc feeding the poisonous platitudes to the Dragon in what might be the best or most suicidal double-cross ever attempted.

    Rich’s Orc talking about the difficulties of ruling with a captured Dwarven King.

    Burning Sands

      Kat’s scientist PC making a 10 obstacle Alien Tech roll in order to figure out how to fold space without Salt/Spice, using only a machine that is made in the likeness of the human mind after she agreed to surgery so that she could get a device in her skull that allows the AI to learn what she learns.

      Jeff H.’s oddly humane dinner with the Ur-Baron’s Matron Mother Auntie.

      Bob’s sword vs. knife just after dinner. Sword wins but it could’ve gone either way for a second there. I out-scripted his ass.

      Reign of Rum & Bones

        Jim’s swordsman taking the head of a mook in such a fashion so that all other witness mooks ran in fear and horror, all by the rules.

        Storn’s dashing pirate walking arm in arm with his fated love.

        Jeff’s haunted fiddler talking with his angry, angry ghostly patron.

        Aaron’s knife vs. flinklock pistol. Knife to the head wins. But more than that, just Aaron’s no-nonsense mercenary being an all around likeable bastard.

B-E Aggressive

If you push through the beef jerky advertisement, there is gold beyond it. I’m hopeless addicted to Neely’s videos. Thanks to Mike Mearls for posting a link to this on his livejournal a month or so ago.

In related news, Burning Sands: Jihad and Fire & Blood: a tale of two orcs both rocked out in the past few days.

Last night’s orc game over skype felt pretty damned tight. Double-dealing with a dragon, cutting deals with the dwarves, getting a new horde for the Named. Good stuff.

Jeff’s Own: Ithaca Dot Con!

Jeff has taken the idea of a local mini-con, run with it and thrown together one for this Saturday.

His e-mail:

> Dear Fellow Gamers,
> I would like to invite you to the first ever
> Ithaca Gamers Dot Con. This will be a great
> opportunity to meet new gamers and play new games.
> Some of the events featured at this Con will be a
> Magic the Gathering Tournament, a Classic Battletech
> Grinder, and assortment of board games, and a
> variety of pen and paper RPGs. Additionally,
> several local LARPs will be on site answering
> questions about their games. Also, artist Storn A.
> Cook will display some of his work. Finally a game
> raffle will be held with prizes donated by Comics
> for Collectors, Providence Hobbies, and
> Ithaca Gamers Dot Con begins at 11:00 AM, and
> goes until 8:00 PM. It will be held at 535 West
> State Street, across from the Mobile Gas station.
> Sodas and some small snacks will be available for
> purchase. I hope to see all of you there.

I’m going to bring a few games and choose which to play based on the number of players and my fickle mood.

I’ve got:

Criminal Element: a game still in the playtest stages but it looks like a rockin’ game about crooks and hiests gone wrong. Resevoir Dogs meets Ocean’s 11 meets Dog Day Afternoon.

Dogs in the Vineyard: the rpg where you play quasi-Mormon paladin gunslingers in a wild west that never was.

InSpectres: The game where Ghostbusters meets Reality TV.