Noir turned up to 11.

I floated a few ideas past Jeff Hayes and Storn for tonight’s gaming and they both were digging the idea of playing some Spirit of the Century noir turned up to 11. Jeff made a brutal, faceless vigilante, prone to throwing molotov cocktails at his enemies and Storn played a former assassin turned good-guy, prone to throwing crimson knives at his enemies.

We had a gun-fight between the vigilantes and some dirty cops, a rooftop knife-fight between Storn’s assassin and Fu Man Chu and the liberation of a luchadore vigilante from prison due to Gotham’s unjust anti-vigilante laws.


Storn, if you want to post your pics here, that’d be cool. I don’t think I’m going to post this anywhere else.


Sons of Kryos: #47 and a Hatchling

I haven’t been posting the links to the Sons of Kryos shows but here’s episode 47, with special guest, Jim DelRosso, talking about lunchtime gaming and a whole bunch of post-Gen Con thoughts.

And here’s our first go at a new mini-show in the Other Recordings Section called Hatchling Thoughts. This one is Jeff’s but I’m gearing up to record one about Githyanki, comics and such in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think of it.

The concept is that it is on our Other Recordings RSS feed and its 10 minutes on something geeky but not quite fitting in with the Actual Play vibe of the Sons of Kryos bi-weekly show.

Comments and opinions welcome.

Hell yeah.

This post is a lame excuse to show off my new userpic, courtesy of Chris.

But eff it, its the icon I’ll use for AP type stuff.

Game Events:

The orcs’ plans against the dragon is coming to a head as the Dwarven hosts surround the mountain. Should be a brutal session next week.

The Sunday group has concocted a super-hero campaign that we’re gearing up to play. The game is about teenage supers and their mentor/advocates who teach them to use their powers while still staying in their community. The premise of the game is: “Why haven’t our parents changed the world?”

And tonight Jeff H. is running our Burning Faith campaign, with the two knights dealing with politics and steel in the city.


How’s about you? What’s been cookin’ on your gaming table?