The First Day Off

We gamed today, our monthly pirate game using Conspiracy of Shadows. It was a fun time. They are a fun group of people to game with and we enjoy each other’s company. I am already thinking of games to put in front of them for our next game. We’ll see.

Tomorrow Janaki and I will get our apartment in order. We’ve been living among the bins for too long now.

It looks like my first assignment for grad. school will be to catalogue my comic book collection. Fun.

Picked up a preview of Feast for Crows at Borders. They were giving it away for free. Neat stuff, grabbed enough for the people I know who read Ice and Fire who I’ll be gaming with this weekend. Its POV is a Dornish Captain of the Guards. Dorne has a cool flavah, kind of a middle-eastern meets Arthurian vibe.

I was exhausted but as soon as I got into bed and read the preview chapter, I found myself wide awake.


Getting Situated

Glamdring, my thirtieth birthday gift and my old school Lord of the Rings poster are on the wall, behind my computer screen.

It rawks. I’d like to put up something on the other side of Gandalf’s good ole Foe Hammer but I’m not sure what. A map of Middle Earth feels too fan-boyish. I’m a fan of Tolkien but not that much of a fan.


Wonder if I could find a Perdido Street Station poster. That’d somehow balance the wall out.

Zorro’s-a-napping on his little bed. I’m re-listening to the Sons of Kryos shows and they’re pretty good. I want to work on the words I use when agreeing with Jeff. I’ll probably write up a few and cross them off as I use ’em. I tend to repeat the same thing over and over.

I’ve got my stuff-to-do list for pre-Gen Con chores and it doesn’t amount to much. I’ll try to have the apartment in tip-top and have my gaming material ready to roll tonight, so I can run around tomorrow without worry.

Otherkind and Laundry

Has everyone seen Otherkind? Luke mentioned it last week when I stopped by his place while on the isle of Manhattan. Neat game.

I’d love to have a weekly game where we just do one-shots of systems I’d like to try out. Otherkind, 30, Capes, Polaris, Universalis, Schauermärchen, Mountain Witch and Lacuna all come to mind. Mayhaps the Friday night folks will become this kinda gig once the summer schedule settles down a bit.

(Link to thread about the above concept.)

Laundry’s in. Now to tidy the room. Hence the procrastinating LJ post that doesn’t say much but has tons of links.

The Shape of My Life

This week I struggled to acclimate to my late night work schedule and failed utterly. I slept at every opportunity, sleeping so much that I often missed meals. I have two prime periods of potential productivity, before 1:00 pm, when I leave for the job at South Hill Elementary and between 5:30 pm and 10:30, the latter being when I am due to be at Olin.

My fellow supervisors who work at Olin are nice. They also seem a little bored. Heidi is the other person on staff member on shift with me. I have no idea what her title is (but should really know that). She used to work as a social worker and did another vaguely mentioned stint on a Buddhist Retreat. Both of these things tell me that she will deal with an emergency situation well.

Why does being a Buddhist mean anything about how she’ll handle emergencies? Because it means she must know KUNG-FU.


We’ve walked home together this week and its been nice chit-chatting and walking around Ithaca again. I’ve become too car dependent.

I missed every opportunity to head to the Y and the GIAC Boxing Gym. Next week I’m all over that shit. My walk to and from Olin have become my only excercise.

My Riddle of Steel variant, The Riddle of Blood, has been moved to Sunday nights. We’ll play in a fast 4 hour session before I head to work. We game in Goldwyn Smith Hall, so I can just pack up and head over to Olin. The second sesion really took off. Mario tweaked some of his SA’s and the game really flew with just me, Mario and Jevon at the table.

I barely saw Janaki this week through my haze of work and sleep. Tomorrow I’m off to Philly to see Rob and Sara, do some gamin’. Should be fun. I haven’t been to the City of Brotherly Love in ten years. Will hit the road with my trusty AAA Triptych, the Lord of Doors, Miriam and Dan. Should be a really fun drive.

I’ll come back for my first unassisted shift at Olin and then I’m on a fuckin’ mission to see next week as more productive and less ass-sittery than this ‘un. Settling into the new job will only hold as an excuse for so long.

My day planner, Frank, is cluttered with things to do like: Y, Boxing Gym, Daily Conditioning, Put Together Heavy Bag, Room, Closet, Finish up SU application, 1000 words a day on TRoB.

It is time to start checking some of this drek off the list. Frank must be bored with this same old shit week in and week out.