Whatever happened to the Disco Mutants?

I want a Dazzler mini-series. That’s right, Dazzler. It starts with a VH-1-style, Where Are They Now style documentary as she re-visits old haunts and tries to track down the mutants and super-heroes who called Studio 54 their home. The series is told partly in flashbacks as the excesses of the 70’s spill into the present.

Luke Cage in his old yellow silk shirt and a tiara, the Queen of Greenwhich Village, a 7-foot tall transvestite who can deadlift 70+ tons (in heels!) and young Matt Murdock/Tony Stark/Ben Grimm in bell bottoms.

Starman Omnibus Vol. 1

The Starman Omnibus Vol. 1 The Starman Omnibus Vol. 1 by James Robinson

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I started reading this series when it was still coming out in single issues. I jumped on in the middle, when DC put out a really nifty jumping-on issue that made it easy to wade in midway.

At that point, Robinson had really found his stride and the series was really plugging along. This first omnibus is where he finds his feet. Art-wise it is splendid but Robinson had a tendency to over-write some things and the prose can get a little purple. But still, well worth it.

I am thrilled that I will get to have the Starman series in these big, beautiful editions. It is a great series that deserves this kind of treatment; it is the series that got me back into comics after a leave of absence.

The second omnibus has just arrived at my house and the writing and the rhythm is much improved.

Good stuff.

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