Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – World’s Finest Couple

Did anyone else notice the sexual tension between Batman and Superman in this movie? And by sexual tension, I mean way more than even there usually is. The closeted gay subtext is made even more startling obvious by the Tom of Finland-looking animation style based on the comic book’s art by Ed McGuinness.

Whenever Lois Lane is mentioned, Batman acts exactly like a petulant, jealous boyfriend. There is a scene when they are pressed up against one another, buried alive and they exchange these quips with cute little smirks and I was sure they were going to make out.

As a straight-up (heh, get that joke, there?) comic book movie it was fairly flat. If the movie was about their gay relationship, with Lex as the president who is out to ruin Superman after their failed relationship back in the Smallville Superboy days it would have kinda rocked. Instead it never acknowledged where the story’s real tension was situated and just didn’t really work as well as the other DC animated movies.  The movie ends with the first appearance of Lois Lane and Batman skulking away, exactly like a spurned lover.

As it is, we already have Apollo and Midnight, the World’s Finest couple, who are out to the world and that will have to be enough.


Ingition City

Ignition City is a comic book, “an ongoing epic told in five issue series,” written by Warren Ellis, drawn by Gianluca Pagliarani.

Commando Cody, Flash Gordon (along with a few of his back-up characters), Buck Rogers and so on are all characters, thinly veiled Planetary-style on Ignition City. In a science fiction reality 1956 where the retro-future pulp science fiction heroes have all gone to the stars and faced the aliens on Venus, Mars and beyond earth nations have still abandoned their space programs. Ignition City is the only place where space ships can take off or land.

The protagonist is Mary Raven, whose father was killed in Ignition City and she shows up to figure out the mystery. For some reason her midriff is showing.

Raygun fights in the street, flashbacks to alien worlds, martians sell alien food from stalls and space crabs eat human remains while cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, staggers around drunk muttering on about what a hero he is. Everyone in the series is earth-bound, wanting to get back into space and not able to do so.

Pagliarani’s art is amazing and he really brings the city to life. The buildings are all grounded, rotted out space ships, tremendous pulp rockets with fins; they’re glorious. His art brings Ellis’ mad ideas to life. Ellis gets to vent about our stuttering steps into space while playing with pulp toys, something he does well and with gusto. The first three issues have been solid fun and I’m looking forward to seeing more of pulp sci-fi space.

This comic, combined with talking about pulp sci-fi heroes last night with Pete prompted me to pick up another edition of Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon series, the Flash Gordon Saturday morning cartoon series on DVD and a collection of Buck Rogers.

A beautiful Friday

Reading: I should finish up the second hard-cover graphic novel of Invincible today at lunch and I’m fairly underwhelmed. Other than an interesting reveal towards the end of the first graphic novel it is a fairly tepid Superboy ala Spider-Man’s school life ala Teen Titans with only a few little tidbits that leave me interested at all. But well worth utilizing the inter-library loan for; I’m glad I didn’t buy ’em.

Planning: Some Shock: tonight with the lady-friend and a few of the Friday night gamers, some schoolwork this weekend and just hang-outs.

Wearing: My Suffer-Jets roller derby t-shirt under a black button down and some jeans.

Writing: I started writing this biblical super-hero passages called the Book of the Cowl that was fun. I might very well pair some of the passages up with some of Storn’s super-hero art from his site and post them to this blog from time to time.

Tinkering with a short story and the next bit of Daggers & Deviltry.

And you?

Dr. Doom makes me happy.

I was reading Daredevil, almost excited because it seemed like my prophecy would come true and Matt Murdock would be the Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen, leading a ninja clan to keep the peace. Oh yes, he has become his own greatest enemy but also awesome.

So, the Hand offers him leadership.

Oh yeah.

He turns them down.

Oh well.

I read through the latest Thor, which was some kind of anniversary issue. And its all ho-hum kinda boring. Odin’s father returns, Loki’s shenanigans cause Thor to kill his own grandfather, so Thor is banished from Asgard.

Here’s where it almost get’s interesting. Asgard is plopped down in the American midwest right now. Loki (in the body of a woman now…why?) is talking to some Asgardian shmoe in a bar, saying that he knows a place where they could relocate Asgard, a mountainous place with lots of good hunting…LATVERIA!


It almost made me want to keep reading that series. Almost.

I had to buy Captain Britain and the MI13 when the issue started off with Dr. Doom and Dracula having a discussion on the moon near the lunar lander. The rest of the issue was shite (except for when some British lads in a pub gave Blade shit for being too tragically hip to just sit in the pub and enjoy himself) but that bit was fun. I’ll likely buy a few more issues just to see some four-color Marvel Dracula madness.


I forgot to add that Doom took Dracula to task for being a racist prick about Muslims. It was kinda cool, actually.