The Start of the Week

Went swimmin’ with J.J. at the local Y upon waking up this morn. I swim not unlike a half drown keel-hauled cabin boy but still, I got a third of a glass of swimmin’ done before gasping for air. Wednesday we’ll hit the seas again.

I be trying to get into shape but its no easy task. Me carcass is soft from too much library time and not enough time lifting steel, swimming the seas nor fighting with my fellows. I’ve grown soft, y’see and its a sad sight for all.

J.J. filled my belly with his venison and barley stew and I was off to home.

Me lady-friend shaved my noggin’ last night, mostly to alleve the scaly whites that afflict my scalp like the pox. One hairless day and already some relief.

Good day to all.


Summer in the City

I love watching the music television stations. They are like watching beautiful car pop culture car wrecks to a terrible soundtrack. I can’t take my eyes away. People watch car wrecks to make sure that it isn’t them dead, right? Didn’t Gaiman write that in Sandman? Same reason people watch car crashes on the side of the highway, slow down to see, same reason I watch this shit when I’m home where the cable T.V., I reckon.

Took the train back with Jay. Jay, who moved to Ithaca, moved into my apartment a hundred years ago. Or is it a thousand? He’s the one who told me, “Judd, you always tell me these ideas you have but you never tell me what you’re doing about them. I never heard what projects you’re working on.” Snapped me out of my funk and got my ass writing aggressively for the first time since living in Japan.

Now he talks too much about the women he’s fucking and not enough about the auditions he’s going on. I can’t seem to give him the snap awake that he gave me.

I had to cancel my Sunday Burning Wheel game. There just wasn’t going to be enough time to finish up the pre-made characters, have time to get back to Ithaca and be sane. I e-mailed the fellas about a half-hour ago in hopes of re-scheduling.

I got to play Geek Poker tonight with the fellas. Magic: The Gathering, Jersey style with shit talking and the like. Fun.

It is time to start doing conditioning again. 100 push-ups, 4 sets of 25 or 10 sets of 10. 200 squats, 4 sets of 50. Some kind of ab thing…4 sets of 25.

Swimming and Such

I managed to swim five laps in a row. I have no idea what the stroke I’m butchering is called…the butterfly…the crawl? I am going to go take out some books on fitness swimming tonight before work and then go look up an instructor as Linea suggested.

In gaming news, I’m thinking of using Sorcerer’s mini-supplement, Charnel Gods to run a dark super-hero game. I like the idea of super-heroes whose powers will eventually end the world. That tickles me.

I got The Shadow of Yesterday in the mail and am in the process of reading it over. Looking forward to taking that for a spin too.

The Riddle of Blood is on hiatus for the holidays, until January 2nd. I’m hoping this time will be used for valuable for getting some rules points solid such as more solid rules for vampiric hunger and blood sorcery and some priority table tweaking.

Things Happening in My Life That I Don’t Like

I’ve finished reading two books in the past six months. Dark Tower, Book VII took me a week or so to read and Perdido Street Station took me the better part of a few months after it got lost in the chaotic mess that is my room. I feel like one of the ADHD kids I’ve worked with these past few years and I wonder if I’m not one of these ADHD kids I’ve worked with these past few years.

I should read a book a week with ease. Right? Why doesn’t my brain work like that anymore? Is it a matter of having fallen out of habit? Have I grown lazy or have I always been like this and I don’t want to admit it?

My main media intake consists of comic books, RPG forums, on-line news, Rob’s DVD’s, movies taken out of the library and RPG books.

I sleep so much lately that I barely have time to eat. I find myself in the evening realizing that I haven’t eaten all day. What the fuck is that?

I am in the worst shape of my life. Sleeping constantly will do that. I had to cut out of soccer because of the new job. Visits to the Swamp are cut down to once a week. Can’t hit the Y with Jeff due to the new schedule. I have plenty of time, only working 40 hours a week. I have this gut. It flows over the sides of my jeans. Its fucking gross, dude.

My past year was taken up writing gaming material, most of which remains unfinished. I need to get back to stories, rather than arranging things so other people can tell stories.

It is as if my life is this dance and I like the band, the beat and the melody. I dig the other people on the floor and love my dance partner but I don’t like where my feet end up when the music starts.

That metaphor got stale fast.

I am getting dizzy spells again. That’s fun.

I am quite happy being miserable. Most people who know me wouldn’t know it. Janaki does.

“How was your day?”

“Eh. Didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.”

How many years can I say that about?

Felt like that if I could write it down it’d be like an exorcism. We’ll see.

It has gotten late.
Tomorrow’s here already.
Sleepless journal post.

The Shape of My Life

This week I struggled to acclimate to my late night work schedule and failed utterly. I slept at every opportunity, sleeping so much that I often missed meals. I have two prime periods of potential productivity, before 1:00 pm, when I leave for the job at South Hill Elementary and between 5:30 pm and 10:30, the latter being when I am due to be at Olin.

My fellow supervisors who work at Olin are nice. They also seem a little bored. Heidi is the other person on staff member on shift with me. I have no idea what her title is (but should really know that). She used to work as a social worker and did another vaguely mentioned stint on a Buddhist Retreat. Both of these things tell me that she will deal with an emergency situation well.

Why does being a Buddhist mean anything about how she’ll handle emergencies? Because it means she must know KUNG-FU.


We’ve walked home together this week and its been nice chit-chatting and walking around Ithaca again. I’ve become too car dependent.

I missed every opportunity to head to the Y and the GIAC Boxing Gym. Next week I’m all over that shit. My walk to and from Olin have become my only excercise.

My Riddle of Steel variant, The Riddle of Blood, has been moved to Sunday nights. We’ll play in a fast 4 hour session before I head to work. We game in Goldwyn Smith Hall, so I can just pack up and head over to Olin. The second sesion really took off. Mario tweaked some of his SA’s and the game really flew with just me, Mario and Jevon at the table.

I barely saw Janaki this week through my haze of work and sleep. Tomorrow I’m off to Philly to see Rob and Sara, do some gamin’. Should be fun. I haven’t been to the City of Brotherly Love in ten years. Will hit the road with my trusty AAA Triptych, the Lord of Doors, Miriam and Dan. Should be a really fun drive.

I’ll come back for my first unassisted shift at Olin and then I’m on a fuckin’ mission to see next week as more productive and less ass-sittery than this ‘un. Settling into the new job will only hold as an excuse for so long.

My day planner, Frank, is cluttered with things to do like: Y, Boxing Gym, Daily Conditioning, Put Together Heavy Bag, Room, Closet, Finish up SU application, 1000 words a day on TRoB.

It is time to start checking some of this drek off the list. Frank must be bored with this same old shit week in and week out.