Man, have I been in a funk. Holy shit. I was deep, so deep that I was starting to worry myself.

Yesterday I slept until noon and had to rush to get to work by two. Suck.

So last night I stayed up all night, did some reading, some e-mailing, watched 3/4’s of Fight Club, called Jim in the middle of the night for a ’till morning chat and suddenly, I’m out. For the first time in a long time I feel peppy.

Got to work early so that I could walk around campus and figure out what needs doing for my Swim Conditioning class that I can’t sign up for until the 26th but the walk in the sun was invigorating.

Tonight is gaming with the Friday Night Posse.

Saturday’s work and then a movie and Friendly’s with Janaki, Jim and Nina.

Sunday’s Sons of Kryos and then Lacuna.

Dictionary of Mu is so close, so very close and so very pretty.

For the first time in a while I feel out from under the weight of last semester’s disaster.


Spring Funk

On paper I had a very nice day.

Work was pleasant and went by quickly.

I spent the afternoon re-reading Sorcerer alongside Janaki.

Aaron and I were the only gamers available to play tonight so we played out of the box Sorcerer, which was fun and a game I think Aaron and I will keep in our hats for future solo-sessions.

Aaron really played his ass off and I’m kinda excited to pick up and play that character again. He was nifty.

Aaron and Nicky prepared me a wonderful meal while I pet their puppy, Katie, to keep her from being under-foot in the kitchen. I was quite qualified to do this job; Katie seemed to agree.

I played my last soccer game with the young’uns. We lost and I gave up three soft, spineless goals that were just disappointing.

And as I drove home I descended into a deep, dark funk. Wow, it fell on me like a hammer. I came home feeling downright morose.

The important thing will be to get my ass up and meet Aaron to work out tomorrow, get lots of school-work done tonight and tomorrow. Productivity tends to stave this shit off and sometimes the right of kind production can grab a funk by the nose and kick it in the ass.

So, I have two days off from work. I want to put a bit of word-count into my paper and get a chunk done along with my partner. Gotta get online and do some participation in the online discussion for class. I’ve got to admit that I really am not enjoying the distance learning at all.

Keep active and not feed this funk with the dangerous nap, which could easily eat my weekend.