Stuff of Kryos

We’ve got our Agon demo up at the Other Recordings area.

And over at Gen Con (Almost) Live we’ve got our interviews of Storn A. Cook and Kevin Sembeida.


Post Gen Con Hungers

So many games to play.

I can’t wait to:

– get back to the monthly Conspiracy of Shadows game and introduce the Doom rules.

– run my Burning Wheel: Jihad one-shot at the next G.Y.G.O.-a-thon.

– run Janaki on a solo Trollbabe game if she’s down.

– whip out Breaking the Ice at a mixed party of gamers and non-gamers.

– have some buddies come in from outta town and run Mountain Witch.

– introduce my cousins to role-playing through Primetime Adventures.

– have four gamers in a room in order to get some Polaris ON.

– just sit down and read all of this wonderful stuff.