Gen Con 2006 Interviews on Sunday

Ron Edwards, Luke Crane, Tim Kleinert and Brennan Taylor talkin’ game.

Ed Greenwood about how he used Elminster in his home games and confessing my Forgotten Realms sins.

Kevin Sembeida about how this year effected his gaming and his college gaming.

Oh yes, we got sweet, sweet Gen Con love.


More on the Gen Con Interviews

We’ve got the rookie game designers at the Forge as a group, talking about each other’s games and what it is like coming to Gen Con for the first time with their games.

Lisa talking about what it is like being a woman GM at Gen Con. I wanted us to talk to her about being a woman of color who GM’s at Gen Con but we ran out of time but I’m certain we will interview her again. Lisa rocks. This might’ve been the most important interview we’ve ever done.

Monte Cook talking about Ptolus, not having to playtest when he games and coming to Gen Con next year as an attendee.

The veterans at the Forge talking about the pain of game design and the important of good criticism, playtesting and mentorship.

Tomorrow we hope to record a 10-15 minute demo of every game at the Forge booth, an interview with Ed Greenwood, Mike Pondsmith, the Wicked Dead Crew and lunch with Luke Crane, Ron Edwards, Vincent Baker, Tim Kleinert, and Brennan Taylor.