You Are Entering Tu’narath: Home of the Liche Queen

After posting a thread or wasting too much time on an argument, I try to set my digital chi back in balance by posting a thread somewhere about Githyanki.

Hence, City Built on the Body of a Dead God.


Thread Explosion

I had internet access at home but didn’t want to be entirely rude and sit there and check all of my shit constantly. So, this thread just turned into an 800 pound gorilla before my eyes. I wasn’t willing or able to sit down and cultivate the thread or respond to any one post in any meaningful manner.

I posted a response to the overall vibe.

But man, from getting called a weak and lazy GM to getting outright dismissed as attempting to be some kind of rebel. Jeez. Wild.

Myth of the GM as a Ruling Caste

Started a thread on with the above title.

Check it out, if you have some time.

NOTE: It appears that when I edit something it comes up again in my RSS feed.  I went looking for this because the latest Brilliant Gameologist episode sounded awfully familiar to me.  We also recorded a more solid form of this idea on Sons of Kryos, episode 25.  Hopefully, I can get those episodes up sooner rather than later.

B-E Aggressive

If you push through the beef jerky advertisement, there is gold beyond it. I’m hopeless addicted to Neely’s videos. Thanks to Mike Mearls for posting a link to this on his livejournal a month or so ago.

In related news, Burning Sands: Jihad and Fire & Blood: a tale of two orcs both rocked out in the past few days.

Last night’s orc game over skype felt pretty damned tight. Double-dealing with a dragon, cutting deals with the dwarves, getting a new horde for the Named. Good stuff.