Posting Mad Ideas

One of the things I used to like about posting a whole lot on was posting threads where we could share our mad ideas, threads that provided space for others to create or asked others to make something mad to toss on the gaming table for more madness to occur.

I missed that kind of stuff.

So, I posted one.


Just in case you have a burning need to listen to me talk about gaming.

Here’s another Gen Con Interview.

And I’m on Stabbing Contest with Ogre, where I get to cuss like a sailor and talk about 4E thoughts, Houses of the Blooded, race, Orcs Gone Wild, Sasha’s hair, GURPS, Jungle Speed, and gaming with kids.


I was on the Canon Puncture Show with Orklord, Common Dialogue and Norwood.

It was neat to be on the other side of the podcasting. Jeff mentioned that it was the least um’s and uh’s he ever heard me say. This could be because I had guzzled half a bottle of sangria while eating dinner out with Janaki that night.

Luke chews his dinner into the mic discusses the making of Mu with Clyde over at Theory from the Closet.

Luke talks some hard numbers; hopefully, it will help people who are making their games.