Dark Sun

I’m probably the only person who saw An Inconvenient Truth and left thinking about the Dark Sun Boxed Set.

The film was moving and got me thinking. It was rather upsetting that so many people walked out, right as the messages were coming up over the screen telling the audience what they can do to help the environment.

To me, Dark Sun wasn’t about brutality, though it was a brutal setting, no doubt and it wasn’t about cool half-darf gladiators. To be honest, I couldn’t wrap my head around the setting and wouldn’t until years later when I read Dune and Barsoom and Howard’s Conan and Kull. I found that I could not daydream in that setting, meaning I couldn’t DM it.

But I digress.

What floored me about the setting was that it had an environmental message.

Here was a D&D setting that was saying something about how what we did was fucking up the world. It wasn’t a subtle metaphor, with the defiling magic scorching the earth, destroying plants and life every time a spell was cast, the higher the spell the more destruction was wrought.

But still, it was saying something, the system was saying something about the world around us. Up until then, I didn’t know our games could do that.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to replace my bulbs with compact flourescents and some other shit.

Then I am going to gather a group of mul gladiators with spiked clubs of petrified wood and knives of volcanic glass and storm some car and oil executives homes.