Head of Special Operations Made a 3 Star General

The Defense Department is accepting an independent report’s recommendation to raise the headquarters in charge of the military’s most secret units from a two-star to a three-star command and expand its array of flag officers.

I realize that the military is a big organization and change takes time. Furthmore, I am not putting down anyone who serves in any armed force nor am I putting down anyone who is involved with the Special Forces community. They have my highest and deepest respect.

But shouldn’t this have been done about ten minutes after 9/11? Why did this take so damned long. Shouldn’t a policy-maker have been all over this and not all over the ridiculous Homeland effing Security?

This kind of special forces warfare is exactly the kind of way that we are going to fight terrorist organizations and win. Shit, they want us to be over there bombing them. We are filling their ranks.

Every child whose family was killed by an American bomb is another child who is going to end up in a terrorist cell. They could not have hoped for a better response than what we have given them.

I’d think that the autonomy and reaction of special units would be the way to destroy the kinds of terrorist cells that planned and executed 9/11’s attack.

And then I read to the bottom of the article and find that people want to report directly to the President and the Defense Secretary.

I don’t know; I’m talking out my ass here.