Insert Head in Slot Ass

I signed up for the class I struggled with all last semester. I got the credit for said class by the skin of my teeth and for some reason I registered for it again.

There was some kind of bug in my head telling me that I had to take two classes a semester, had to, had to take two a semester. And in a kind of flurry, I signed to 616 again.



I am going to do some laundry, drink a bottle of Mountain Dew that someone from a party left at this apartment and stay up all night reading about libraries and changing clothes from one machine to another.


Women Love Elves?

From an interview on

Because a lot of players including a majority of female players like all this ‘elven stuff’.

I call bullshit. The women I game with love getting behind the character sheet of a brutal orc. Elaine ran an Orcish fighter to 10th level in my old D&D game at a table full of hobbit P.C.’s. Janaki’s favorite P.C. experience was playing a Burning Wheel orc. She killed three mercenaries and ate one of their legs for a snack.


Someone needs to tell these people who are convinced that women gamers are all about story and romance and unicorns. It ain’t necessarily so.

Pet Peeve

When book stores have Tolkien or any other “good fantasy” taken out of the fantasy section and put into the Literatury shelves.

Damn them for taking books from their homes.

Janaki says she will hit them with the stick in my room, given to me by Joe. Me, I’ll have Glamdring.