Reading, Planning, Writing: Post-Heatwave Friday

It has been over a week of a brutal heatwave. Today the air doesn’t feel harsh for the first time in a while.

Reading: I’m going back and forth between 20th Century Boys, Captain Alatriste (time to re-read those and catch up on the series), some books on astronomy and the solar system and Summerland by Michael Chabon.

Planning: A game night with some local buddies, some shopping for apartment stuff…a low-key summer weekend.

Writing: Jotting down notes and about to fill up a notebook. It is time to look it over and transcribe some stuff onto a computer.

And you?

The clocktower tolled 12 times and it was Friday

Reading: I am still making my way through Diaspora. I hope to set up a blog post where me and a few buddies make up a cluster in public.

Inspired by the hard sci-fi RPG, I’m reading my first novel in the Culture series by Ian M. Banks, Use of Weapons. It is splendid, really neat stuff.

Planning: Off to see the ladyfriend this weekend, barring flat tires and catastrophe.

Wearing: Button down short sleeves and jeans.

Writing: Banged on a paper that should have taken me a few hours and just ended up taking a whole lot longer. Some day I’ll start writing early.

And you?

Just Turned Friday

Reading: I am making my way through Diaspora and still reading about the Khan.

I am tempted to just start making up star clusters.

Planning: I’m thinking of running a 5k this weekend and getting some schoolwork done. I have a few projects due in the coming weeks and they’re not difficult, I was thinking of getting a headstart on them, rather than the sleep deprivation model I generally work on.

Visit a friend of mine who just had a baby.

MoBu City on Friday night.

Wearing: Green button down and a pair of jeans. Also, my new belt.

Writing: I took a fantasy setting piece I wrote and just fished it out for stories. I labelled each story as a chapter and just wrote a blurb about what will happen in this chapter. When I’ve had a moment this week, I’ve picked a chapter and written for a bit. It is an oddly satisfying way to write. I’m wondering if it will come together.

And you?

Sleep Dep Friday

Reading: A late night work schedule destroyed my reading times but still reading about Ghengis.

Planning: Hopefully, getting some heat in my apartment and a weekend with the lady-friend.

Wearing: Grey shirt and jeans with a hoodie.

Writing: Looked at the 7 Kings Mountains and just found all of the parts of it that I wanted to write and started outlining and writing the scenes that excited me. It is nice to have a go-to writing project with some structure to it.

And you?

Autumnal Friday

Reading: I am diving into Ghengis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. The Khan was a total bad-ass. It is an enjoying read and I am getting tons of inspiration for the 13 Cities campaign.

Planning: This weekend, getting schoolwork done and my life in order.

Wearing: Dickies and a button down.

Writing: I have been re-writing Sorcerer 2289 so that when I get a play slot open, I can playtest that sucker.

And you?

First Friday Back

This is the first Friday that I feel physically and emotionally back to form since September vomited onto the calendar year.

Reading: I’m re-reading The Scar and I’m enjoying it a whole lot more this second time around. Bellis is a far more solid protagonist than I remember her. Uther Doul is the character who has changed the most in my mind.

Uther is a 13 year old boy made cool. He has no idea how to talk to girls and when he has to he says things like, “WANNA KNOW ABOUT MY MAGIC SWORD? IT IS SUPER-COOL, FROM THE GHOSTHEAD EMPIRE.” but Uther is so damned cool that he makes that seem almost smooth…almost.

After The Scar re-read, Genghis beckons.

Planning: Lady-friend this weekend, MoBu City tonight and school catch-up this weekend too.

Wearing: Jeans and a brown button-down.

Writing: Tinkering with little text bits of Sorcerer 2289 text and a fantasy story.

And you?

Sweaty Friday

It is nice to be home again, back in the gym four days a week. I have had a whole lot of trouble getting my feet under me and had a few nights of paralyzing funk but I think I’m set now.

Reading: I am finishing Bloodstained Stars, which is lovely and then I am launching back into a book about Genghis Khan as inspiration for the BW game with Storn’s PC, the Sheriff of Baal, Kuryn Kor.

Planning: Fight Gone Bad, a work-out for charity at the end of September. Please click and take a peek.

Wearing: Still my sweats and t-shirt from the work-out.

Writing: This week I was lucky to get out of bed as much as I did.

And you?