Reading, Planning, Writing: Cool Autumn Air edition

Reading: I’m on the third book of the Wheel of Time, re-reading up to where I stopped a decade or so ago and hoping to push on and finish. The books bring out different emotions and reactions from me. Sometimes it is frustration and eye-rolling, sometimes it is nostalgia and enjoyment. It is making the commute go by quickly.

I’ve got Ten Little Indians at home but need to get it to my night-standing for before-bed reading.

Planning: Maybe some kayaking this weekend.

Writing: I’m about to fill my third notebook. I need to look that over and get some ink writing transferred to my laptop.

And you?


Reading, Planning, Creating: Holy shit, Summer’s practically half over and it is Friday

Reading: I’m reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and at 3/4’s of the way through it is interesting. It is a second world, just-turned-modern Quasi-Russia with folks who do magic that is called the Small Science. The characters are intriguing and the world building is solid. I’ll finish it this weekend and write up a review.

It captures that dark Russian sense of humor in the face of terrible events pretty well.

Planning: Tonight I’ll be on This Imaginary Life. Our only question so far is about how to deal with a failed roll that threatens to grind the game to a halt. If you have other questions, post them to my on twitter, my e-mail, in the comments below or in the G+ thread I’ll start soon.

Creating: I’m writing up notes for some games-a-coming. I’ve been away from the gaming table for a few months now but I’m gearing up for an Urban Shadows game with visiting friends and a Burning Wheel game with some folks over Hang-outs.

It has me looking over the 7 Kings Mountains again, which is good fun.

And you?

A beautiful Summer Friday for Reading, Planning, Writing

Reading: After looking over this Reddit list of under-appreciated fantasy novels, I’m on to Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer. I’m only just getting into it but so far, it is making the commute pass right along.

Planning: I need to catch up on some sleep and do laundry this weekend. Sexy!

Writing: Yes, still writing a gaming thing and getting ideas after reading over the book upon which it has been hacked.

And you?

Returning to a Friday Tradition – Reading, Planning, Writing

Reading: I just finished a brutally unsatisfying read and moved on to Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, which is a real hoot with a fun fantasy world and a neat premise. Wizards-for-hire come to a city whose deity appears to be dead and have to figure out what happened before the city falls to pieces. A Godswar in the distant past, The King in Red, priests of a fire deity who smoke…I’m seriously digging it so far.

Planning: Getting to parts of NYC that we haven’t seen yet this weekend and buying some more comfortable kitchen chairs. Exciting!

Writing: Yes, writing. I’m writing a game-thing, feverishly hoping to have a playtestable copy soon after uncovering an old idea from 2007 and getting excited about it thanks to G+ community and energetic friends.

And I continue to fill up notebooks on my way to work with stories and odd ideas. I have to start transcribing them now that I have Discuss, my shiny new Mac. I have to get my Whitehack summoning rules onto the blog from the notebook but I can’t find my copy of Whitehack. Frustrating as hell.

And you?